The 160 feet Punk

Note : This story was written for the images that I personally manipulated while listening to some punk rock albums after watching the anime, Attack on Titans. This idea was purely an exersice of the imagination and is not in any sort a contribution to Literature, in fact it is the opposite of such. Written underneath the influences of substances that is legally stupid of me to admit in such a communication sphere that is too public to be considered safe. There is No Moral of the Story, There is No Metaphorical Potrayal, There is No Artistic Expression of some Greater Meaning and most importantly; There is No Future.

Disclaimer : Please suspend all disbelief, morality and logic.

Once upon a fucking time in a shithole city like any other shithole city, there live a punk named Iggy. Iggy is your average twenty something punk head, who like any other fucker hated the authorities and always out on the streets looking for a good time through the endless adrenaline fuel fights, dangerous consumption of stimulants and fucking sluts behind the alleyways. Iggy is of course unemployeed due to the fact that his brain is too fried to work and the tattooes covering almost every inch of his body does not help either. Iggy is just another scum, long unwashed greasy hair on one side and a crew cut on the other; stained skinny jeans, torned up converse, unshaved goatee and shirtless with the exception of his leather jacket. Nothing out of the ordinary. He is perhaps a little shorter than most cunts, at only 5 feet 2 inches but being smaller than the rest only make him more aggressive and faster when confronting with the pigs.

punk rock show

One lovely night, after a long session of heavy drinking, snorting cocaines, smoking crack, brawling with skinheads and getting his dick sucked while playing a fucking awesome guitar solo in the underground gig, he like all the other punks slowly crawls back to his cave in the abandon construction site on the outskirt of the city just as the sun begin to rise up in the east. On his way back while smoking his last joint for the night, he bumped into a man dressed in fine clothing of a proper gentleman, he even has the fucking bowler hat and a walking stick adorned in excellent serpents engravings.

‘Excuse me, I’m terribly sorry. Didnt see you there,’ apologized the gentleman. Iggy just shrugged incoherently and continue walking. ‘Good sir, do you know how I can get to the central market from here? I’m not from these parts, you see. Got a little lost.’

‘Down this lane. Take a right at the Seven E, two blocks on cross the road and take the left at the station,’ said Iggy.

‘Thank you, young man,’ said the Gentleman in a delighted manner. ‘Its rare to find help in this big city anymore. I should reward your kindness with a token of gratitude.’

‘What’chu got, oldman?’ asked the punk.

‘A Magic Tic’ Tac,’ declared the man.

‘Wot?’ sniggers the disbelief Iggy.

‘A Tic’ Tac, that will fulfill your hearts desire,’ said the man as he took out the orange box of candy from his pocket and offered it to the young punk.

‘You’re nuts, you know that right?’ said Iggy as he took the Tic’ Tac and chewed it.

‘I’ve been told that before, yes,’ said the man as Iggy walks away from him.

And so, the punk returns to his rotten mattress inside the abandon car at the contstruction site without giving a second thought about the man in the bowler hat. He has seen many crazies in this city, he learn to not question too much and accept that humanity is just a screwed up pile of lunacy. He lay down in the car that had the seats removed and replaced by the mattress, closed the doors and wind up the broken windows. Just another day, he thought to himself as his mind began wandering off into a punk’s heaven not knowing that in the next 24 hours his life will end.

At noon, the punk grew twice the size. He grew from 5 feeet to 10 feet within seconds. His body piercings pops out like a microwave popcorns.

This of course woke him up, unsurprisingly in a surprised manner. Being cramped in a small car can wake anyone up. His naked legs that destroyed his skinnies and pierced through the windows hangs awkardly. His back pushed against the dashboard as his head pressed on the cracked back window. His elbow poking his own abdomen as he tries to reposition his hands and tries to escape from his metal cage. Dazed, confused, and cramped, he decides to pull in his legs and start kicking the roof open. His kicks creates holes in the rusty roof and with enough kicks he creates a hole big enough for him to jump out of the wreckage. He lay there on the hard concrete, a naked 10 feet tall punk wondering what the fuck is going on.

The bewildered punk starts to regain his focus and try to think of a proper plan for his situation. Naked, scratched up, hangover, shitload of drugs in his system. He has been here before but never at 10 feet tall. Billy Sideburns. Iggy thinks to himself. That fucker is one of the oldest punk in this town, he was there when Ramones was just an opening act. If anyone can help him, it will be Billy. The only problem is Billy’s pad is on the other side of the city, it will take more than luck to keep himself unseen through the most busy hour of the city. Iggy slowly stands up allowing a soft brush of his head onto the ceiling and steps out of the building allowing his body to fully stretch. Thank god this shithole is abandoned. He thinks to himself as his dick erected in the compulsory morning salute. He took the plastic sheets from the dumpster and wraps its around his body in an himation style. He looks like a punk greek philospher giant.

Iggy plans his route carefully to avoid traffic and yet able for him to hide his massive new body but almost every possible options he can take, there will be obstacles that will surely expose his freakness to the public. There is no safe choices, he will just have to do what he does best; swing it. He walks out of the construction site and crouch slowly on the back roads hoping not to be seen. The stray dogs barks at him and the cats runs away in fear. He turns into a corner where a group of skinheads was raping an indian woman.

‘Oi! What the fuck you cunts doing?’ shouted the 10 feet punk.

‘What the fuck are you supposed to be? This aint your concern Plato Punk!’ said the skinhead leader.

‘Fuck off, freak!’ shouted another wanker.

‘You Nazi Bastards better let her go or else.’

‘Or else what? You may be tall. But there is seven of us,’ said the Cunt Face leader.

‘You assholes never learn do you,’ said Iggy as he throws the plastic sheets and covered the skinheads. He began kicking and punching the lot as the brown woman dashes off in a fear. The skinheads managed to crawled out of the plastic by cutting open holes with their knives, and ran towards the big naked punk.


Iggy evade a few before finally getting stabbed by the gang, they kick him to his knees and jumped on top of him forcing him to fall flat onto the dirty hard pavement. A few kicks to his face and stomach. They stomped his dick which made him angry in pain. He pulled two of the skinheads legs and kicked another two allowing him to get up. He swings the two skinheads by the ankle and hits the other skinheads. He then throw the two dumbfucks towards the wall and breaking their spines and splattering their brains. The other skinheads that was still able to move runaway from the angry 10 feet naked punk.

Iggy pick up the holed plastic sheets and covered himself before checking the battered up skinheads for valuables. He found a few pills of MDMA, a bag of herion with the necessary utensil, a few bottle of hard liquors and a couple box of ciggarettes. He swallowed the pills and starts prepping himself for the herions. About ninety seconds after injecting the whole lot, his heartbeat pounding. If the heartbeat was being modeled on the standard xy-plane, it looked like the graph of exponential function. Pulse increasing. He drank the bottles finish and walks off high as a kite with a smile on his face.

He turns at a corner and was confronted with three fourteen years old chinese school girls. They stare at him in fear. He stood there frozen, unsure of what to do. His stomach filled with gaseous reaction, a sudden gash of gurgling air bubbles up at the back of his throat. *hic*. A sudden hiccup followed by a flash of light, within seconds Iggy grew from 10 feet tall to 20 feet tall. The plastic sheeting rips open leaving him yet again naked, in public. His 24 inches long semi-erected penis dangling 8 feet above the ground in front of the oriental school girls. This of course made the girls screamed in fear, though one of them seems to be wet out of the excitement. Their screams carried through the air and alerted a few passer by around the block, it also made Iggy fully erect unwillingly. The girls ran away from the naked 20 feet tall punk as the passers by turn in to see the commotion. Their tracks were halted, terrified by the punk’s massive cock pointing towards them.

Iggy quickly ran with his hard rock dick towards the four storey tall commercial buildings alley ways in hope to hide from the scene. And he was relief to see that no one tried to follow him, and that there was not a single person in the alley way. He thought to himself he should have taken the alley ways in the first place. He look down at his dick and hit it to try to get it back down but it was to no avail. He decided the only way to solve this was to have a quick wanking session. So he double check the alley way to ensure he could have a safe masturbation. He puts one hand on the building and one hand on his little Iggy and began stroking.


He thinks of all the sexual encounters he had to help himself, unaware that his dick was aiming perfectly towards the ground floor open window of a restaurant’s female toilet, where the mexican cleaning lady was staring in horror. Just as she was about to scream, a white fluid ejaculated from Iggy’s dick hole and spray the entire toilet in cums. The hispanic cleaning lady was knocked unconcious from impact of the sticky yogurt hitting her face, she lies on the ground with the cums slithering into her open mouth. Iggy look at the damage he had done and cleans himself up quickly before resuming his journey. He walked few corners down the alley way and ran into a bunch of dark skinned vandals that was graffiting the walls, they look at him in fear.

Iggy quickly said, ‘Dont scream please!’

‘Look man, dont hurt us!’ said one of the black vandals. ‘We’ll give you anything you want.’

‘You guys got a fag?’ asked Iggy as he began to sit down for a rest.

‘Here man, take the whole box,’ said the vandal as he throw the ciggarette box. Iggy open the box that looks tiny in his hand and took the whole bunch and place it on his lips. He bends down to let the vandals lights it up for him. ‘What the fuck are you, man?’

Iggy took one puff and the entire ciggarette was finished. He threw them to the side and said, ‘A freak of nature. You guys know a way to get to the Port from here unseen?’

‘For you? Hell no. The best way is to just run man.’

‘Thought so. Got any weed on you?’

‘Sorry man. Flushed out.’

‘Then, fuck off,’ said Iggy as the Vandals runs away.


He gets back up and continue walking along the alleyway towards the open end that leads towards the main road. The traffic was heavy. Having no other choice, Iggy quickly jumps over the cars and back into the alley on the otherside. The crowds of humanity stares at the jumping naked punk like a bad dream. Some screamed, some fainted, some piss their pants in fear and some shit themselves. The punk enter the alleyway and turn a corner where a black car and a grey van was parked. The four russians drugs dealer look at Iggy and pulled out their guns aiming at him.

‘Are you seeing what I’m seeing?’ asked one of them to the other. They just nod. ‘What the fuck is going on here?’

‘Leave the car and run’ said Iggy realizing that he could score some more dope here.

‘Fuck that! Shoot this fucker boys!’ said the russian as they began shooting at the 20 feet Punk. The bullets hits Iggy like annoying needles pricks, which made him turn around and covering his junk. Without even thinking, Iggy release a huge fart that knock the four men unconcious, killing a few pigeons and rats. Even he himself is disgusted by the smell of the toxic gas. He turn back and checked the van’s cargo. A trunk filled of cocaine. Enough to sell to the entire city for a week or so. Jackpot. He opens the package and line the entire trunk on top of the van using the garbage bin lid beside the van. He tear the water pipe of the side of the building, blunt the edges and cleans the inside before using it to snorted the white powder in one go. He cleans his nose and waits for the rush.

It kicks in, his pupil dilates. And just like that he was off. He no longer care if anyone sees him and he no longer fear anything. He ran out of the alley way and onto the main roads, jumping over cars and trucks, halting the traffic to a stand still. He run and run allowing the entire city to stare in amazement. The police cruisers had a hard time trying to explain on their radio of what they just saw, but being a fucking pig, they do what they do best; chase the motherfucker down and shoot it if necessary. The red and blue sirens made Iggy looks back to see the three cop cars chasing him. He smirks and ran faster, he easily covered ten blocks in just a few seconds even The Flash would be amazed by the speed of this cocained fueled giant punk sprints. He made a sharp turn left where the popo crashed into the oncoming traffic. A few more blocks and Iggy was faced by a road block created by the police.


‘FREEZE! OR WE WILL SHOOT!’ shouted the police on their loudspeakers. Iggy stop and slowly walks towards the blockade with his hands up. He smiles as his dick began secreting a whole load of urine which blinded the entire squad.

‘Is it raining? Its a bit gold the rain today aint it?’ he said as the police is washed by the piss.


They tried to shoot but their guns was too wet. Iggy jumps over the blockade whilst pissing and continue spraying them from the other side. Some of the cops dranked so much pissed that they passed out from the trauma. Once finished, he skipped back on his journey while the piss drenched cops puking from the warm shower. He smile while waving hi at the terrified crowd, many was recording and taking pictures of him on their smartphones. The little girls point and stare at his massive cock as their mothers wet themselves and the men grow angry in envy. Feeling a little hungry, he walked up to the mobile hotdog stand. The owner was begging for the Giant Punk to not kill him but Iggy just push him away and raped the every inch of the sausage cart. He then walks to the fountain and wash down his mouth with the unfiltered waters.

Once he had his meal while the entire city was either running away from him or just taking pictures of him from the distance, he jog on his way to Billy Sideburns house. The police learn their lesson and decide to just stay back and protect the public instead of attacking the Punk. Just as he was nearing the outskirt of the city on the way towards the ports there was a huge military blockade with tanks and heavy artilleries, not being a complete idiot Iggy stops on his tracks. The helicopters were circling above him. The soldiers aimed and ready. The tanks loaded and locked on the punk. The sergeant shouts on his loudspeaker, ‘Son, stop right there or we will have to shoot. Now I know you are scared. You have know idea what is going on with yourself. You dont have to hurt anyone and you wont be hurt. Just come with us quietly and everything will be okay.’

‘FUCK THE SYSTEM!’ screamed the Punk with both of his middle fingers pointed toward the army.

‘Fire!’ said the Sargent as the 20 feet Iggy ran back towards the city.

The rocket flew pass the punk’s head and explode on the building nearby. He dodge a few more rockets before climbing up the nearest skyscraper. The helicopters swarms the punk and fires a rain of bullets which made him nearly lose grips. Iggy grabbed a few desks from inside the building and threw it towards the choppers but it was useless for the endless barage of bullets made it impossible for him to aim and hang on at the same time. The tanks fire their missiles forcing the giant punk to jump off into the thick layers of the concrete jungle. He quickly run and find the area with the most high rise to hide.

He leans against a 30 storey condominium that was surrounded by similar heights buildings as he catches his breath. The cocaine is already cleaned out of his system. The high is gone and fear starts crawling back in. Unaware that his flaccid cock is resting on the balcony of a horny drunk slut that is amazed and turned on by what she saw and began undressing and playing with herself. She touches the 8 inches in diameter penis and hugs it as it began to hardens. Iggy took a step back and look down at the balcony where the slut was frustated that her toy was too far away.


‘Aww, I was playing with that,’ she cried.

‘Bitch, I got no time for this,’ said Iggy eventhough his dick was saying otherwise.

‘Please…! Or else I call the cops,’ threatened the blonde whore in her bathing suit.

‘Fine,’ said the punk as he picks the bitch up from the balcony and hold her near his crotch using her like a fleshlight for masturbation. The woman wrap herself around the engorging member of the punk, licking and rubbing her vagina against it. She kiss the tip of the penis and even tried to suck it but it was a little big even for this whore. She places the big dick around her big boobs and jiggles it while french kissing the cock. Iggy was enjoying her but the sounds of helicopters returns his attention to the more pressing matters at hand.

‘Sorry love I gotta go,’ said Iggy to the whore but she ignored him as she teasingly place the tip of his cock at her pussy.

‘You know, I can do fisting. I would love to try it with your lovely dick,’ she said and before Iggy even had a chance to answer she forces his pole of blood vessel into her wet tight flesh canals and screams in pleasure. She wiggles her body and allows the giant penis inside her deeper. She took in about 8 inches of his penis, which is just the whole head, her legs pushed against his lower quandrant of his abdomen while his hands holding her back.

‘That is great but I really gotta run,’ said Iggy in a tone of escatasy. The girl was screaming in orgasms to hear him. The choppers circle in above him said on their speakers, ‘Drop the Girl and Give Up.’

pussy fucked1

Iggy decide to run with the slut still attached to his dick. Each run made her pussy squirts in pleasure allowing the penis to slide in deeper. Iggy ran through the streets while fucking and being chased by the cops. A blockade on an intersection forces the punk to jump over the cop cars while the whore screams turn from pleasure to pain as the impact of the landing made his giant cock pierced through the inner walls of her uretus and into her instestines. Iggy who was too busy running and evading the cops couldnt tell the different between the wetness of her vagina and the blood gushing out of her insides and her screams of pain was no different from her screams of pleasure or the horrific screams of the public’s terror. The endless hiting was not much of a cue for a punk who enjoys rough sex on a daily basis.

*hic* Another hiccup followed by another flash of light and within seconds, the 20 feet punk grew to 40 feet tall. His dick grew from 24 inches long and 8 inches in diameter to 48 inches long and 16 inches in diameter. The sudden growth of his dick in the slut’s body surely killed her, if not the ejeculation of his cums that is pouring out of her mouth, eyes, nose and ears did the job. He stood there a few shops down from the blockade at intersection, staring at the dead woman on his dick. He slides his dick out of her corpse and drops her. The bloods, cums and other organs dripping from his penis and onto her dead body below his crotch. The onlookers in the cafes and streets began puking involuntarily. The polices were too stunned by the scene to fire. The 40 feet punk shaking in shock.

His 4 feet penis returns to a flaccid point and Iggy began his journey again as the bullets began to fly towards him. His skins rough as it was before but now its nearly bulletproof. He was strong before but now he could pick up cars like beer cans and throw them towards the helicopters, causing them to fall and crash into the buildings. He no longer need to run, he feels more invicible than any cocaine-fulled nights he had. He just walks on by.

His fellows punkheads who had been watching him on the news found this all hilarious and decided that this was the best opportunity for a proper fuckery. They called on all the punks, the skatalites, the skinheads, the anonymous, the anarchists, the metalheads, the grunges, the hip hop ganstas, and all the rebels youth of the city to take the streets. They even called the potheads, rastas and the hippies but they were too stoned to get up. The hipsters thought it was too mainstream to join and the emos/goths were just killing themselve as usual.

moss22 moss4

They crawled out of the depths of their parents basements and slithers onto the streets like a swarm of angry locust. Burning, vandalising, destroying, looting. The streets are on fire. Iggy’s band members (The Cum-fucks) thought this too would be a perfect time for a gig. The bassist, Johnny Two-Cock was a trained martial artist, the back up guitarist, Patti Pussy was a master picklock artist and the drummer Joe Wanker is also a well known hacker. With their power combined, they had no problem hooking their equipments up on The Blitzkrieg Tower, the tallest skyscraper in the city with their sound systems connected to every speakers in the city. This is the biggest gig they will ever play and of course Billy Sideburns was there on the roof with them. Somebody needed to bring the drugs and whores.

Iggy was on his way out of the city, when the feedbacks echoed in every speakers.

‘Testing, 1 2 3.. Iggy, you giant mother fucker. You know what to do,’ said Billy on every speakers. The drums hits on, the bass beats in, the guitars scratches on. Iggy smiled. He jumps and runs back towards the inner city where the riots are expanding. His throats hardens, he screams! He sings, ‘Some Lyrics.’protest

The headbanging 40 feet punk jumps around the city, each steps creates shockwaves on the roads destroying cars and shops windows. He passes by the Hard Rock Cafe hotel and pulls the giant neon guitar from the building before kicking the commercialized poser establishment to the ground. He mock play the fake guitar as he makes his way into the business district while the army personels are rushing in and the riot polices are trying to control the wildfire of the young rebels. *hic* A hiccup followed by a flash of light and within seconds, the 40 feet punk grew to 80 feet tall.

The swarms of angry youth follow the giant punk footsteps carefully and helping his to distract the fucking party poopers away from his destructive gig. As he enters the walls of corporate buildings in the most wall streets part of city, the song was coming to its most fast paced ending. Iggy uses the fake guitar to smash the skyscrapers down while the endings rain of explosions from the tanks blankets the punk in an epic finishing style.


*hic* *hic* A double hiccup followed by huge flash of light and within seconds, the 80 feet punk grew to 320 feet tall. As the song finally comes to an end. The Punk was taller than the Statue of Fucking Liberty.The Punk was bigger than the Dragon Balerion. The Punk was nearly the same height as most of the skyscrapers. The Punk was indestructable. No missile can harm him. He stands above the army whom tanks was still trying their best to take him down. He squated on them allowing his asshole directly over their heads. They aimed at his butthole but the shit that was coming out of it was too strong. As he was shitting on the army, he had another burst of a hiccup. *hic* Which followed by huge flash of light and within seconds, the 320 feet punk grew to 640 feet tall. The Punk is bigger than Godzilla.

Iggy took a giant dump on the army. Each poop was the size of a small building and he had quite a lot of shit in him. Enough to stink the entire business district in shit stank for another few weeks. Drowning the fuckers in shit and knocking out all the by standers in the 100 mile radius. But what is a shit without some pissing. Awfully weird to have one without the other. So while Iggy was pooping, his penis was spraying the entire business district in a flash flood of urine. This even drown the riot and the riot police in a warm golden river. He picked up a few of the lamborginis and ferarris that was parked in the showrooms and uses it to wipe his ass.

The fighting forces was at a stand still. Many died. The only opposite the punk still had was the flying annoying mosquitos of helicopters and fighter jets. That was easily handled with just a simple clap of his hand which send shockwaves and distrupts their flight path. He just walks into the buildings without even getting a scratch. Even the rioting youth was too frightened to rebel. Everyone just ranaway and hide for their life. This punk aint stoping. The only way to stop him is to nuke him and that is exactly what is flying through the atmosphere as Iggy walks on to the Blitzkrieg Tower.

‘Damn, Billy. Iggy is too fucking big. How the fuck are you gonna help him?’ asked Patti Pussy on rooftop.

‘I got a barrel of my magic, right here,’ said Billy Sideburns as the Whores unlid the barrel that is filled to the brim with stamps of LSD soaked in mescaline.

‘How the fuck is getting high going to help him with his growing size?’ question Joe Wanker.

‘I dont think we’re able to stop him, might as well give him the final goodbye,’ said Billy.

‘Fuck dude. I thought you know sorcery shit man,’ said Johnny Two-Cock.

‘Yeah but I cant stop the devil’s work. Getting Iggy high could perhaps get him to stay calm through his final phrase,’ said Billy as the giant punk was nearing the Tower.

‘Billy? You there? Help me,’ said Iggy as he begans to climb the Tower.

‘I’m here, Iggy. Open up your mouth and let me save you,’ said Billy on the mic as the 640 feet punk puts his lips on the roof. Billy and the gang drops the barrel of acid on his giant tongue and steps back. The punk jump back down and shouted, ‘What the fuck did you gave me?’

‘Your final high, son,’ said Billy.

*hic* *hic* A double hiccup followed by huge flash of light and within seconds, the 640 feet punk grew to 2560 feet tall. The Punk is bigger than the god damn Great Cthulhu and as big as the Burj Khalifa of Dubai. *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* *hic* A huge flash of light that blinded the entire city and the giant punk dissapear into thin air. The sun setting in the west. And that was the day that Punk died.


The End, Mother Fucker.

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