A Long Overdue Post

You wanna hear me speak? Wanna check if I’m weak? I confess. I’m afraid. I do not know how to begin. There is a perilous path ahead of me. I know where I am heading to (finally) but the glimmer of hope is a distant burning match stick floating in a vacuüm of dark nothingness. […]

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It’s been awhile

7/March/2016 It’s been awhile. It has been quite a while since I last use this medium to communicate. I think it has been far longer since I’d last sincerely communicate in all honesty. I do conversations but it has come to a point of speech pattern recognition responding with a ready list of carefully selected […]

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Room 404 : Sanity Not Found.

“I don’t speak destiny.” The smoke from the specially rolled cigarette of the dried angel’s wing that was drenched in the dust of Tinkerbell’s pussy juice; vortex in the clear porcelain wall of wine glass. Instead of wine, the liquid that swirls in the homely womb of the glass is the blood of the space […]

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Interview with Death

Anthropomorphic Simulacra : Interview with … The Average Joe does his daily routines without much time to think about the abstract notions and the ideologies of our mysterious universe. In this segments of short articles, we’ve sent out our most normal reporter, John Smith; in attempts to talk and have a discussion with such entities […]

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I’ve been having a reoccurring nightmare. Stuck in a giant shopping mall, running everywhere searching for an exit but every corner I turn is filled with endless rows of illusionary fanciful shops brightly lit in dazzling gems of false hopes and promises of power and safe haven. I find no comfort anywhere but rather more […]

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H1D3 (A Short Story) – Act One

The sky is tuned to the colours of dead channels, imitating the static visuals that simultaneously flicker throughout the city’s hijacked media panels. A metropolitan once filled with vibrant bombardment of advertisements in all facets of the society is now nothing more than the ashes of a chaotic nightmare. Smoke rises from the burning pile […]

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H1D3 (A Short Story) – Act Two

Read this first : The dark blankets of damp grey clouds rolling across the bleak horizon, covering the fallout of the sun that slowly rising in the sky as Anna feeble bare feet races along the corridor path from the theatre laboratory up to the main mansion of the building. Anna’s heart pounding heavily in […]

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The 160 feet Punk

Note : This story was written for the images that I personally manipulated while listening to some punk rock albums after watching the anime, Attack on Titans. This idea was purely an exersice of the imagination and is not in any sort a contribution to Literature, in fact it is the opposite of such. Written […]

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Rants of a Millennial

There is a man in a park right outside my house who is getting cuffed by the police officers in the middle of the night because he was sucking his dealer’s dick for that ever lovely methamphetamine, yet this sort of things do not disturb me. It’s almost a normal event to see such things […]

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(PS : Another one of the old high school scribbles.) I dream of a place where my ceiling is the bright blue sky and my floor is the deep ever-changing sea. I dream of a job where I bond and become a part of the ocean. I dream of a relationship where my partner pushes […]

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Suicide Failure : The Vision

(PS : Must be read with Monty Python style in mind, bare in mind I wrote this when I was back in High School. Wasnt a very good writer. Not much has changed though.) On a cold dreary evening when the wet clouds rolls with the thunders, I stepped onto the edge of my twelve […]

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Suicide Failure : The Ledge

(PS : Must be read with Monty Python style in mind, bare in mind I wrote this when I was back in High School. Wasnt a very good writer. Not much has changed though.) There is absolutely nothing wrong with him on the whole. He had an amazing life that anyone would kill to have. […]

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