NON論Da多 #15 Hikayat Nusantara

Hosted by Asia contemporary art platform NON Berlin //NON論DA多{play} #15 : HIKAYAT NUSANTARA// NON Berlin invites the Padawan, Nazreen Abraham Stein on behalf of Minut Init for the video series, “HIKAYAT NUSANTARA”. He will introduce three video artworks from the artists; Iwan Wijono (Indonesia), Emir Ezwan and Zam Nayan (Malaysia) , followed by ‘Init, Minut’ story […]

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First published on I am not an art critic. Far from it. In fact my history would show that I have supported and help countless of Art shows that many critics will have a lot to criticize on. I do not have any academic backgrounds to support any review or comments to write on anyone’s […]

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A little update

    Hello friends. It’s been awhile. Quite a long while. I bet you don’t even remember me anymore. I bet you don’t even know why you started following this website/blog. I bet you don’t even bother clicking this and might just unsubscribe. But here is a little update after the long absence from this […]

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Sparing A Thought To Art Without A Home

KUALA LUMPUR CITY is filled with all manner of movement and vibration. Each step, each rotation of tyres, occurs in frightening tandem, like the impersonal building bricks of a construction site. Souls gather in masses, moving in their own designated directions, likely oblivious to the spiritual networks bonding them together. This is the grand central […]

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Beloved Local Studio Celebrates Decade of Free-Flowing Rock Music

The black walls echo with the heavy hum of sweaty guitar riffs as the crowd pulsates with the incoherent lyrics of punk frontman Zamir Alif’s raw vocalization. The sweat drips from the bassist’s nose as he seduces the strings to quicken the tempo of the song. His bandmate behind him, drummer Ali Johan,  strikes a vehement crash that ripples […]

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Nobody Reads Anymore

If you’re reading this, thank you for proving me and all these other bookworm smug wrong. Please continue reading regardless of the fact that this article isn’t really that great, informative or truthful since fact checking is a tiresome activity and like everyone else I am a lazy bastard that is just using a catchy […]

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5 Years of Minut Init

The time drags their heels as the paint shimmers in the radiant lights showcasing each and every details of the precise craftsmanship of god gifted skills. The painting hangs quietly in its place accompanied by its fellow artworks, as the air purifier freshens up the air and the water dispenser bubbles away the tiredness of […]

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