We Steal Secrets (2013)

We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks is an independent documentary film by Alex Gibney that chronicles the Wikileaks organization started by infamous hacker, Mendax or better known as Julian Assange. The film follow multiple narrative plots such as the story of Julian Assange from his well known 1989 WANK worm attack on the NASA […]

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V for Vendetta (2006)

Though the film adaptation of Alan Moore’s graphic novel ‘V for Vendetta’ by the Wachowski Brothers production is just a fictional tale set in the near future of a dystopian landscape of a totalitarian United Kingdom it is perhaps one of the most politically influential film ever made. The infamous cyber-Hacktivist group named ‘Anonymous’ who […]

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RENT (2005)

Rent is the film adaptation of the award winning Broadway’s rock musical that center on the lives of the Bohemians living in the East Village of New York City that is struggling with rental payments, Aids, Love and Life, and the intricate impacts of the character actions. This film and musical is inspired by Giacomo […]

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