Timothy Leary’s Tune In Drop Out : Just Some Psychedelics

Not sure if you can dig this but I always found Leary’s voice a soothing instructor of psychedelics experiences. 

This post is for two purposes.

One to just zone out with the psychedelics gifs which I found on the internet.

Two, to listen to the beautiful narration of Timothy Leary’s Tune In and Drop out. Timothy  Leary is of course one of the first founding fathers of exploration of the inner thoughts using mind altering substances. He is the Pope of Dope. If you’re lucky you might even join him on a trip one day in your own acid trip but for now if you’re broke here is some gifs from me to you. A little Psychedelic Gifs Trip.

Time to mediate.

This is my 8yrs old Brother’s favourite film….I am doing a good job as a brother..

There is a story I would like to tell.
Through the medium of collection of gifs.
The story you hear are in your own head.
No words to guide you in this story,

 only the voice of your own heart.
Listen to it and come with me in this dream.
Gaia, take us the children of souls.
Mother Earth, I return to you.

THE END?? …..or maybe, THE BEGINNING…


Origin of the content : http://endearingyouare.tumblr.com/

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