Interview with Death

Anthropomorphic Simulacra : Interview with … The Average Joe does his daily routines without much time to think about the abstract notions and the ideologies of our mysterious universe. In this segments of short articles, we’ve sent out our most normal reporter, John Smith; in attempts to talk and have a discussion with such entities […]

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Psychology College Assignments : Quantative Research Proposal & Qualitative Research Proposal

Quantative Research Proposal on Sexual Selection Introduction Sexual Reproduction is the process on mixing two genetic traits of the respectative parents to form an offspring. Sex has been a very important aspect of life for all living creature in existance, it is the living multicellular organisms form of actitvity to ensure the survival of the […]

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Assignments on Vladimir Putin

What you’re about to read below are just college assignments I did on Vladimir Putin. I may have been a little bias on my judgements and this was before he return to power as the President of Russia. Excuse my bad writings, I was young and still had a long way to go in improving […]

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Lady Gaia, Mother Earth

The world is now grip in fear of a crisis bigger than terrorism though many efforts has been made to resolve this crisis of global warming but many Malaysian is still oblivious to its effects on civilisation. Many wonder why do we really need to care, they think scientist will find new technologies to cope […]

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