The Force

I know , May the 4th was few days ago. But here are some Star Wars themed pieces done during free time!   Lastly, may the force be with you all.   Regards, Jawn  

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Art dump

Greetings, It’s been awhile , ve’been thinking maybe it’s time to fill this space up with some art !   Here are some of the art i did that has not been posted here !   Currently starting on a project with Mr Nobody , hopefully it’s gonna come out Till next time , cheers […]

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The Busy Mr. Jawn’s Update

As stated in the previous post, both of us are busy trying to just survive by working our asses off and whoring our artistic talents to other outlets. Nevertheless we are still committed to making this Zero Ducks Zine shit happens no matter how slow or long it takes. Step by step my nigga. Here’s […]

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The 160 feet Punk

Note : This story was written for the images that I personally manipulated while listening to some punk rock albums after watching the anime, Attack on Titans. This idea was purely an exersice of the imagination and is not in any sort a contribution to Literature, in fact it is the opposite of such. Written […]

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Bloodstains Memory Morning

The broken beat drums loosely echoed through the background with the midnight’s rain as the sun begins to shed a grey powdered morning behind the wet white clouds as the misty dews and remaining reminiscence of the showers flutters in the calm soft waves of the winds. The out of tune guitar screeches its electrical […]

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This is just us playing around..Its more of training for our graphic novel project. There is a few mistakes here and there but I did wrote it without thinking much….. (as usual)

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