Beloved Local Studio Celebrates Decade of Free-Flowing Rock Music

The black walls echo with the heavy hum of sweaty guitar riffs as the crowd pulsates with the incoherent lyrics of punk frontman Zamir Alif’s raw vocalization. The sweat drips from the bassist’s nose as he seduces the strings to quicken the tempo of the song. His bandmate behind him, drummer Ali Johan,  strikes a vehement crash that ripples […]

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Room 404 : Sanity Not Found.

“I don’t speak destiny.” The smoke from the specially rolled cigarette of the dried angel’s wing that was drenched in the dust of Tinkerbell’s pussy juice; vortex in the clear porcelain wall of wine glass. Instead of wine, the liquid that swirls in the homely womb of the glass is the blood of the space […]

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The Busy Mr. Jawn’s Update

As stated in the previous post, both of us are busy trying to just survive by working our asses off and whoring our artistic talents to other outlets. Nevertheless we are still committed to making this Zero Ducks Zine shit happens no matter how slow or long it takes. Step by step my nigga. Here’s […]

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Nobody Reads Anymore

If you’re reading this, thank you for proving me and all these other bookworm smug wrong. Please continue reading regardless of the fact that this article isn’t really that great, informative or truthful since fact checking is a tiresome activity and like everyone else I am a lazy bastard that is just using a catchy […]

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Interview with Death

Anthropomorphic Simulacra : Interview with … The Average Joe does his daily routines without much time to think about the abstract notions and the ideologies of our mysterious universe. In this segments of short articles, we’ve sent out our most normal reporter, John Smith; in attempts to talk and have a discussion with such entities […]

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Rock Ain’t Dead

  There is a time where the genre Rock & Roll was alive and flourishing into a variety of different aesthetics and a wide range of philosophical disciplines from the depressing woes of the delta blues to the free-spirit psychedelics of the hippies, there is always something for those who searches for some raw physical musical artistry.  But since […]

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5 Years of Minut Init

The time drags their heels as the paint shimmers in the radiant lights showcasing each and every details of the precise craftsmanship of god gifted skills. The painting hangs quietly in its place accompanied by its fellow artworks, as the air purifier freshens up the air and the water dispenser bubbles away the tiredness of […]

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H1D3 (A Short Story) – Act One

The sky is tuned to the colours of dead channels, imitating the static visuals that simultaneously flicker throughout the city’s hijacked media panels. A metropolitan once filled with vibrant bombardment of advertisements in all facets of the society is now nothing more than the ashes of a chaotic nightmare. Smoke rises from the burning pile […]

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I’ve been having a reoccurring nightmare. Stuck in a giant shopping mall, running everywhere searching for an exit but every corner I turn is filled with endless rows of illusionary fanciful shops brightly lit in dazzling gems of false hopes and promises of power and safe haven. I find no comfort anywhere but rather more […]

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Friedrich Nietzsche – On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense

“Truth is a mobile army of metaphors, metonyms, anthropomorphisms, in short a sum of human relations which have been subjected to poetic and rhetorical intensification, translation and decoration […]; truths are illusions of which we have forgotten that they are illusions, metaphors which have become worn by frequent use and have lost all sensuous vigour […]. […]

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