A Long Overdue Post

You wanna hear me speak? Wanna check if I’m weak? I confess. I’m afraid. I do not know how to begin. There is a perilous path ahead of me. I know where I am heading to (finally) but the glimmer of hope is a distant burning match stick floating in a vacuüm of dark nothingness. […]

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It’s been awhile

7/March/2016 It’s been awhile. It has been quite a while since I last use this medium to communicate. I think it has been far longer since I’d last sincerely communicate in all honesty. I do conversations but it has come to a point of speech pattern recognition responding with a ready list of carefully selected […]

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The Force

I know , May the 4th was few days ago. But here are some Star Wars themed pieces done during free time!   Lastly, may the force be with you all.   Regards, Jawn  

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A little update

    Hello friends. It’s been awhile. Quite a long while. I bet you don’t even remember me anymore. I bet you don’t even know why you started following this website/blog. I bet you don’t even bother clicking this and might just unsubscribe. But here is a little update after the long absence from this […]

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Art dump

Greetings, It’s been awhile , ve’been thinking maybe it’s time to fill this space up with some art !   Here are some of the art i did that has not been posted here !   Currently starting on a project with Mr Nobody , hopefully it’s gonna come out Till next time , cheers […]

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Sparing A Thought To Art Without A Home

KUALA LUMPUR CITY is filled with all manner of movement and vibration. Each step, each rotation of tyres, occurs in frightening tandem, like the impersonal building bricks of a construction site. Souls gather in masses, moving in their own designated directions, likely oblivious to the spiritual networks bonding them together. This is the grand central […]

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Beloved Local Studio Celebrates Decade of Free-Flowing Rock Music

The black walls echo with the heavy hum of sweaty guitar riffs as the crowd pulsates with the incoherent lyrics of punk frontman Zamir Alif’s raw vocalization. The sweat drips from the bassist’s nose as he seduces the strings to quicken the tempo of the song. His bandmate behind him, drummer Ali Johan,  strikes a vehement crash that ripples […]

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