Johnathan Chong @ Mr. Jawn

Johnathan Chong, also known as Mr. Jawn is not an easy man to describe. A simple man perhaps but never a dull person. From a shy boy doodling away on a textbook on a rainy day next to some scruffy looking rascal, to the ambition fulfilled studio life of an illustrator; Mr Jawn has upgraded his skills in the visualizations of his imaginations through the digital medium. He believe that Art must consist of Beauty, Truth, Love and Liberty and these are the qualities that he wish to depict in his visuals. Influenced and inspired by countless illustration wizards such as Frank Frazetta, Scott Robertson, Jason Chan, Craig Mullins, Jaime Jones, Michael Komark , Eduardo Pena, Raymond Swanland, Ryan Church, Ian Mccaig, etc etc.


Mr Jawn have many more milestone to truly master his art but he has only just begun to explore his conscious horizon, medium and content experimentation, stimulus inducing representation, philosophical argumentation and provocation of emotional responses in his artworks and in real life experiences; all this with the help of his long time partner in crime, Mr Nobody.


The relationship of the Dynamic Duo is like those of The Winchester Brothers, of Sherlock Holmes & John Watson, of James Potter & Sirius Black, of Frodo & Sam, of Batman & Superman, of Arthur Dent & Ford Perfect, of Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid, of Rust Cohle & Martin Hart, of Ryan & Wilfred, of Art & Jones, of JD and Turk, of Spike Spiegel & Jet Black, of JB & Kage, of Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, of Rick & Morty and the list goes on. The Bromance is shared over pints of lager, countless hours of movies, staring at chicks, daydreaming of time travel and the ironic complaints of our own procrastination.

With the Narrative words of Mr Nobody and the Visualization of Mr Jawn, the two aim to misbehave and solemnly swear that they are up to no good.



      ‘Anything u can imagine is real.’