Who The Duck Are We

who the duck are we

Zero Ducks is basically the watered down version of the expression ‘Zero Fucks Given’ which is the inability to give even one single care (fucks) about something or someone. This term is widely used in the Internet Culture as one of the most successful comeback in the event of a downward spiraling conversation and it’s the very essence of this ‘whatever you may call such gathering of aesthetic rascals’.  Perhaps the message of our community/website magazine is better emphasized if we were just to use the original phrase but being such optimistic dreamers, we do hope to one day register our organization in the rigid legal paperwork and gain the ‘necessary’ recognition from the society.  Therefore we comprised to changing the ‘FUCKS’ to ‘DUCKS’ in a proud hypocritical name selection of Zero Ducks. Plus we do not like the stupid ‘Actual Mallard Advice’ meme that seems to promote egotistic wise asses who somehow think they have any rights to give advices and also remove the common sense thinking process in those who follow these proses. So Zero Ducks allowed or it will be hunting season.


We here at ZERO DUCKS, believe that the society has become too caught up with their own views of the world and have built a firewall of judgments towards such unconventional practices of different ideologies. We wish not to only help these outsiders but also instigate any sorts of emotionally induced feedbacks from the audience to ensure a lasting memory of our brand; of course the best sort of reaction would be acceptance or at least a tolerance of these wild provocative ideas but being born in the early days of the internet we are accustom to anger and chaos from our past of being naïve Trolls. Now (a little bit more) matured from such mischievous acts, we are creating a platform for any form of creative or destructive projects that we deemed as a fun endeavor. We wish to push the boundaries of freedom of speech and bring balance to the extreme biasness in the general beliefs.

not a single fuck given

Anyone who has the Force in them can join us in the Dark Side, we have blackjack and hookers. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to wear the Dark Marks. We’re not some mindless Death Eaters; we’re more of angry furry Mogwais. Cuddle with us in the rain, love. 🙂

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The Zero Ducks Manifesto :

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