KL Skaters Took It to the Streets to Protest Against MESA

They took this piece down from JUICE.my due to a legal letter from MESA. Well that’s a media website. This is an opinion blog. So FUCK YOU MESA!!

When things got crazy they needed to break out (they’d head)
To any place with stairs, any good grinds the world was theirs, uh
And they four wheels would take them there
Till the cops came and said “There’s no skating here”

Four wheels on a deck. The pavement. Worn out soles of your sneakers and scratches on your knees and elbows. These are the daily elements of a skater. The skating scene in Malaysia is a strange beast. It has been consistently growing but yet still underground. It’s a beautiful struggle and on Saturday 30 December, that fight gotten a lot clearer in the form of a riot — a peaceful one at that.

The video of the protest above was recorded by the first Malaysian online skateboarding and lifestyle TV, FRONTSIDE TV MALAYSIA. Featuring Pa’din Musa, Fahmi Kechik, Ian Iman, Baly, Matt, Ammar, Haziq, and many more top Malaysian skaters.

A day before New Year Eve, Malaysian skateboarders took to the streets in all white as a sign of solidarity to protests against Malaysia Extreme Sports Association (MESA).  What was supposed to be a normal skating gathering underneath the platform #DemiSkateboarding, turned into what is now known as KL Skate Riot as more wheels came out to play than they expected in support of the boycott against MESA’s national contingent selection championship, which was held on the same day.

MESA, who has stated on their website that they are currently “very active in skateboarding, inline skating, and BMX” and whose main mission is “towards the growth, progression, unity, and expansion of Extreme Sports in Malaysia,” is being criticised for their little effort in contributing anything of significance to the sports in the last eight years by the skaters during the riot. They have every right to be pissed seeing the events and contests that MESA previously organised are a clear sign that these old folks are out of touch with the real zeitgeist of the streets.

Here at JUICE ZERO DUCKS GIVEN, we stand with these punks and ask you to do the same. Get your decks out and show these corrupted money-draining entities what a rebel is all about.

And the way they roll just a rebels without a cause with no place to go
So they Kick, Push Kick, Push Kick, Push Kick, Push Coast

Be at the forefront of the skating scene in Malaysia by following Frontside TV.

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