Thursdvys Coffee House’s Potluck Brews A Strong Dose of Caffeinated Art

The Daily Seni’s Nazreen Abraham heads over to Thursdvys to check out their Potluck Exhibition event. Here, he shares his experience amidst the sights, sounds and scents of the place.

For those who live in PJ, you’re pretty spoilt for coffee choices. With no less than five decent spots within a 10km radius, your days of lining up for a quick fix are behind you.

Despite that fact, Thursdvys Coffee House might just be the best coffee spot in town. Actually, I’m even going to claim that it has the best coffee around but that’s just from someone who is in his infancy when it comes to judging coffee.


This eye candy of a coffee house is located on Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1 and it will have your head spinning a full 360-degrees like a possessed Linda Blair.

There’s a constant stream of colourful personalities from all walks of life flowing through this intimate coffee spot, layan-ing the tasteful tunes and the airborne caffeine. The interior is very well-designed, creating an atmosphere perfect for camaraderie.

The attention to detail on display at Thursdvys gave me a hard on when I dropped by for The Potluck over the weekend.

On the 6th and 7th of June, the redolent venue treated their customers to some sweet visual munchies from assiduous artist collective The Secret Hideout and the ever-changing Minut Init.


According to 20 year old fashion-embodier/barista, Alicia Amin who was hosting her third event for the coffee house, “the process of making the perfect coffee is an art form itself, so why not celebrate it with other forms of art as well.”

The works on display come from various styles and disciplines, ranging from The Sliz‘s “Freedom” (a sanitary pad of the same brand name in a glass frame) to Caryn Koh‘s “#SekolahSeries” prints depicting quirky juvenile characters and even to [N]‘s untitled photography on canvas.

DSC_0178 DSC_0176DSC_0175

The curation of these artworks was meticulous for the sake of further emphasizing the environment which also held cupping sessions with coffee masters. Meteora Cafe and Ahmad&Co. came by to share their pressing and filtering methods and attendees got to sample every bean in its purest form. No sugar, no 2% milk — just straight coffee and filtered water.

“In Life, everything is better with filters.”

DSC_0166 DSC_0163

The process is very similiar to wine tasting, but instead of getting drunk and sleeping with your best friend’s wife you’ll be shaking with energy and get so inspired by the artworks, you’ll want to scribble something down. This is highly possible, as the group of artists exhibiting had a table of their own and were more than happy to sketch and share their creative juices.


You’ll be in awe with the transcendent stories behind their artworks such as Sattama‘s (Satria Utama) personal nightmare visualized on canvas in ‘PTSD’.

“It has nothing to do with the Illuminati conspiracy (maybe sikit). The triangle is the ancient symbol for male and it highlights the sun that is illuminating the eye. It’s supposed to mean the search for a clearer sky in a feministic world.”


Co-founder of Thursdvys, Hadri Hashim, was inspired by his time as a barista in Melbourne. He told me that this event was for him to share his passion for coffee and shed light on the underappreciated form of filtered caffeine while also supporting upcoming new artists.

He notes that, “the staff is the heart of the shop. The product is the nucleus but customer service is what inspires regular visits.”

From the too-good-looking-to-be-baristas baristas to the young entrepreneurs, there was no shortage of friendly faces ready to cater to your every request and assist in ensuring a comfortable and memorable time at the event.



Not every participating artist was there for the Potluck but most of them had valid reasons. Elena Kravchenko, for example, was engaged with the Other Things Flea Market across town.

It was a great experience for any coffee lover to drink different blends and beans back to back while immersed in an artistic interior. Plus it’s a great way to get free coffee.


For those who are still interested in viewing the artworks by Kah May, Kangblabla and many others, you’re in luck because these works will still be on display at this aromatic establishment until the end of the week.

That said, head on down now to Thursdvys at TTDI and get your daily dose of caffeine and local art!

Thursdvys is located on 22, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur and is open from 9am to 10pm daily, except on Thursdays. Contact them at +60 3-7733 6722 for further enquiries.

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