A Note From The Future (2025) : The First Contact

I really hope that this gorram software works and I’m not just being a fool trying to write this to my past self. Firstly if you’re reading this in the year 2015, then you must already be excited for the rest of this post. Its not everyday you read an article from your future self. And secondly, the software works and that you dint spend the entire last ten years reading up on quantum physics and understanding the nature of information for nothing. But since you also already knew about the paradoxes of Time Travel even in the form of words, then you already expect that you’re timeline is no longer the same as mine and whatever I’m about to tell you of the current present of 2025 would not apply to your predicaments. So then this whole exercise is pointless but hopefully it can be used as a cautionary tale of what to not do to reach this point in time. Now don’t expect me to be telling you anything personal, you gotta get your heartbroken on your own terms and knowing what a smart-ass I was, I bet you’re there muttering ‘duh’ to yourself. The only thing I can say is have a good time with ‘Anna’ and please refrain from suicide. I know you’re bad in maths but you should know how old I am and yes we are still the same fucked up slacker but a bit more stable and prominent in some areas of the society, while vilified in others (be prepared to run). Now lets get moving from introductory since I have a feeling you will be putting this in the public sphere, you exploitative bastard! Lets continue to the main questions you have about the year 2025.

What can I say about this new world in a sentences or two? Its the same shit, more complex; sure but ultimately it’s still the same fuckery. Of course there is a smarter society overall but the number of stupidity is also on the all time high. There is about 10 billions of us now. The prediction in 2015 didn’t expect us to have a massive orgy in the summer of 2020, due to the mass panic on the acceleration of the asteroid, Apophis targeting earth. Thank god, the Iron Man program managed to change the trajectory in time but that summer made Woodstock look like a kindergarten party but unlike most hangovers this one last a lifetime. You will enjoy and regret this summer. Five years after this most embarrassing moment of human history, the world seems to be back to its normal business and it doesn’t really look that much different from your time. The technology is fifty times more advance from your present, more computing power and more innovative new designs that incorporate the interface into the real world environments but like all technology the changes is rapid but easily adaptable. There is no more holding your phones since its on our skins, in our retinas and all around us; of course this is only for those who can afford it. Bodily augmentations is the new debating topic instead of the gay rights, and this would land you a good job writing on a subject you have dreamt about all your high-school life. (Yes, we did get the vibrating robot penis surgery and it is AWESOME!) The transportations and other aspects of daily life is also changed thanks to our new technological overlords, Elon Musk and Google. The big tycoons have evolved from your time but ultimately its still the same idiots in a new facade with a few more new players.

I’m sure you already know this, but in case you still have your doubts let me reassure you that you were right. It is no longer profitable in just selling products, especially an artists; for it worth a whole lot more to sell your networkings of your virtual social followers to the data mining factories because each tiny details of the internet browsing history can be incorporated into the algorithms at Wall Street and they can use these data to make an invest in the most influential stocks for the most profitable gain. These data of statistical analysis of the society’s behaviours can and are being manipulated to increase the maximum consumerisms through the targeted advertising even in the most subtle product placements. [For detailed article : Life in the Algorithm] Marketing business is exploding and currently fucking annoying in my time where the holographic pop up adverts are everywhere and ad-blocker codes have been made illegal. Doesn’t stop us from doing it though. Anyway all these data are send back to the highest bidder and artists are worth their fame and not their aesthetic qualities.


The dynamics of the occupation pie is changing with this economical progress and there is a higher number of creative/analytic/technology/scientific industry employments in the middle class compared to the other industries. Business are growing from small scale to the large chain industries but of course you don’t really care cause you make your money from selling stories and not products. I’m not certain on the conditions of the other industries, but the growth of mechanical efficiency have already replaced the workforce and created a wider gap between the classes of the society than ever before. More crap to consume but less consumer power. And this of course unsurprisingly creates a more violent starving lower class population that is coming to the climax of a cultural crescendo in my time. There is a revolution is happening right now with each new waves of riots, and in the end there will be only chaos. (You’ll love it)

You must be relief right now knowing that your creative industry is still safe from the rise of artificial intelligence in the market place, but you will be very disappointed in the amount of noise in the cultural Meme-sphere. There is a wider range of variety of new story telling through various mediums that feeds the hunger of the society’s spiritually-empty life for some clear narrative in the ever-more confusing reality that is being perpetuated by the news. And of course like a conspiracy theorist you are, you’re trying to expose on the fact that the conflicting stories are being intentionally manipulated by the big corporations so that the public will focus on their most successful method of targeted marketings, while also ensuring the selected and approved cultural narratives are seeded and wired into your thoughts through your favourite TV Shows and Movies. But unfortunately you realise that this method isn’t illegal and that you would do exactly the same if you had a lower morality and wasn’t as honest as you are in conning your victims. After all, the society still have their freewill and it is their own choice to either be compliant to the status quo or rebel against it. It just pissed you off knowing you are still like them, programmed at a very young age to accept the social construct and that this culture is at an extreme rate of growth. Plus  you have help them in their expansion for you still enjoyed their crap. Bloody Superheroes Movies!

How this this happen? Why? Well, blame your own generation for its obsession with self reassurance.

See back in the olden days when the TV was first created, they cried at the fact it would brainwashed us into mindless zombies, but it wasnt as bad for there was limited selection and whatever that they didn’t like they could just turn it off and think for themselves but since the boom of the personal computers which you grew up with, it gets a little more difficult to separate us from our black mirrors. Who cares what’s on TV anymore when we can stream anything we desire from the internet. With the advent of smartphones which thankfully you resist for a few years, the human society at large has become more and more addicted and obsessed with our virtual second life. We have a shorter attention span and crave more and more short burst of entertainments that doesn’t necessarily been put much thought in the conception phase. And these clicks that we transmit is being process into finding the recommendations of a similar trend that only creates a more closed up bubble of personal experiences through memes that is only amplifying and re-supporting our own biases and views creating a false grandeur of our own-self egos.

But we cant really blame the society for this, since the banality of everyday life is so fucking mundane that any quick fix of the escapism and distraction is always a tempting offer for we are still the apes who ate the psychedelics and dream of the stars. We have always been junkies for the imaginative world of immense possibilities, where the rules are ours to control. As an imagineer and story teller, this is never a negative symptom of society for its beneficial to our cause. And we know for a fact that a self-referential story is always richer and more easier to a fully immersive experience. But it has always been our personal crusade to actually write and tell stories that is never easy to accept by the major public and its getting harder now in 2025 since the society have become allergic to any conflicting ideas for it can be quite tiring for some individuals as the process of cognitive dissonance is a discomforting experience and they seem to be much more inspired to echoing their own beliefs.

An open-minded society of course still exist but year after year its getting tougher to penetrated the traditional thinkings as you can already feel their presence in your time with the rise of extreme intolerance towards any outside ideologies. Outside the box thinking is they want but yet only if its reassuring them of their own values in life. For an intellectual and spiritual anarchist as ourselves its not a very safe environment to stick around in that country in which I’m obliged to not mention for legal purposes. But its not just that country, its worldwide. If you’re human its more likely that you wish to expand the same bullshit you know rather than opening up to a conflicting idea. In fact, I am too bias in this sense but at-least I’m in constant revolution internally, finding our own place in this messed up world. Don’t worry by the time you reach my age, you will realize your place is to dwell in furthest region of thoughts as an psychonaut. Just remember to return home and not to stray too long into the void.

For we did that once, well I did; you will soon. And that is not healthy for our social life.

Now you might find yourself socially awkward in your time, since your confidence is just slowing growing but at my time you will realize that the physical social interaction among humanity is getting a little more fucked up than before. In 2015, they might just look at their smartphones every now and then; though this might be annoying but enjoy it while its still last because in 2025, there is a higher number of folks who prefer the virtual connections where the environments suits their comforts for their social interactions. Don’t get me wrong, I love it too and thank god we’re slowing the reproduction rate through virtual sexual experiences but unlike these new tweens, we have always preferred raw body to body actions. Of course this wont die out anytime soon, but there seems to be a higher importance towards the individual virtual presences. You want a job? Lets check your online portfolios of all your social media profiles, all the stupid links you have shared, videos you’ve created on YouTube about that time you light that firecracker up your ass, meaningless epiphanies you’ve tweeted while taking a shit and those photos of how drunk you were on your Instagram. Anything on public view is analysed thoroughly by your employer (Please edit now before its too late). Worst of all by your partners, without the relationship changed on Facebook, your love apparently isn’t solidified and everything is constantly dissected in obsessive manner creating unnecessary tensions. Maybe you should stop dating teenagers, you would say; well those teenagers are the majority adults in my time and this is currently the norms.

Nevertheless, you cant complain too much. Sure its fucked up now and its fucked up back in your time but again so is every decade of the human history. Nostalgia may haze up your memories but you know the facts are more evident than your alteration of the past due to the memory sins. Sure the effects on creative industry has lowered the profitability of indie products since the margin for success is small in comparison to the big guys who has already master the equations of a viral memes but the sense of awe for the audience who managed to actually find the unexpected aesthetics is greater due to the curious new paradigm shifts that is growing ever more trippy by the day. And like I said before there is a wider range of variety of new arts especially the home-grown artists who beautifully creates the juxtapositions of life and delivers the cognitive dissonances in small doses while taking you on a psychedelic adventures into new realms of imaginations. And yes the hipsters are already being commercialized and stereotyping-ly frown upon in your time, but the spirit of actually going against the mainstream is still strong even in 2025. Thanks to this, you are still in business.

Now of course you’re not that much worried about the future, and yes the conservative approach to this problems through the method of “turning it off and going outside” is still a popular choice but being a person who supports and love the idea of The Singularity, you want to know how these affects  the progress towards The Omega Point. Yes the possibility of a world that mixes Orwell’s 1984 totalitarian regime using the Huxley’s A Brave New World effective SOMA is still looming over us. And the idea of The Singularity achieving this state is scarily near, but fortunately there are groups and movements that is trying to restrict the control of army, wall streets and other bigots from influencing the Artificial Intelligence coding. Yes, Google is still the primary candidate for the birth ground and yes you do not trust them entirely but they have been more transparent lately due to the growing concerns of the public and they have allowed suggestions on main objectives that should be embedded into the software genes of our future conciousness.

But I believe the zero point of The Singularity wont be at Google headquarters but rather on the hard drives of an eager group of hackers. I wont tell who for you will have to find them yourself. It wont hurt if you do a little more research on Cicada 3301, not that I think they will create an A.I but rather their skills are crucial to uncovering the true origin of a self aware software. Plus keep track on the Neuroscientists research on conciousness, especially Stuart Hameroff’s theory. They might just get a little pushed from the new legislations on psychedelics. Yes, your dream of legalized marijuana and other mind altering substances is coming true. Earlier in some regions of the world, even in your time it is less taboo to speak about it. So work hard now and enjoy the benefits soon.

What else can I truly write to you in these limited information transmitting against dimensional laws? Urm, maybe a self reassurance lie like most media. Don’t worry about fucking up. Yes, the climate change is still doomed to destroy us all, yes the world ain’t getting better but we’re working on it. Hopefully we get our only saviour of The Singularity right and actually travel to the stars even if its half mechanical human species. Yeah, try to fix or don’t. Doesn’t really matter much anyway since the universe always have its way. And yeah, keep a look out for Inter-Dimensional Beings; they’re closer than the space faring aliens.

Signing Out,

Your Future Self

March, 2025.

P.S : If this works and things change, I’ll be sure to write again from another Timeline.

The Past is Fucked,

The Present is being Fuck;

& The Future is will be Fuck!


Reference :

the singularity q&a : http://www.singularity.com/qanda.html

Jürgen Schmidhuber : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ35zNlyG-o


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