H1D3 (A Short Story) – Final Act

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Anna Molly climbs up the stairs almost feeling secure and safe. Just another two more floors to the roof and then all of this will be over, she thinks to herself before hearing the door of the staircase swinging open on the ground floor below her. Her leg froze, she stop and stood silently.

‘I can smell you Anna Molly,’ said the man looking up through the gaps of the stairs. ‘I’m coming for you,’ shouted the man as he sprints up the stairs.

Anna hearing the footsteps fast approaching below her, decides to sneak into the hallway of the floor she was on and began finding a hiding place. She enters the tenth floor of the abandoned office building into a corridor, she turn right and into a large dead office space with the rain drizzling through the large broken windows. She ran across the endless maze of cubicles which still had their respective dusty computer on the desks and decides to hide beneath one of them.

The fluorescent lights flicker on in the office area, some lights broken but some still flutters its last drop of gaseous reactivity energy, dimly adding another filter of light in the room. The Man standing next to the wall switch, sniffs the air. Anna Molly quickly returned to foetal position underneath the desk; keeping as quite as possible.

‘I know you’re here, sweetie,’ said the Man as he steps towards the cubicles. ‘I can smell the foul stench of little girl’s blood anywhere.’

The man drags the rusty red axe behind him as he casually pace across the cubicles. ‘Its my favourite deodorant,’ said the man as he stops at a desk, pulls out the chair and look underneath it. Empty. He stood back up. ‘Now, I think we got off on the wrong foot. I know it is a bit unorthodox for me to bath you in a pool of virgin blood for the my own sexual pleasure.’

He began his route again and occasionally checking under the desk.

‘But don’t go thinking of me as a monster, I only did it so they will not have to continue suffering their rape hauntings of their fathers, brothers, religious and authority figures any more. Now I may have killed 7 little paedophile’s soft toys and 3 forced prostitutes for that blood bath of yours, but I sure did serve the necessary justice by killing twice the number of bad guys. As long as the Good out weights the Bad, than that action is a valid behaviour of a productive social member of the human society, right. I’m a good guy you see. I make sure the numbers all balanced out in the end,’ said the man as he slowly combs through the maze of cubicles.

‘Anna, O…Anna,’ said the frustrated man as he began to get annoyed with searching for his prey. ‘You don’t need to worry, love. I wont hurt you.’

The Man starting to grow tired of bending under desk decides to jump on it instead and says, ‘I just want to take care of you. I want to love you and hope that you would love me too.’ He sits on the partition wall of the cubicles with his feet on the desk. He stands the axe between his knee and rested his chin on the head.

‘You see my dear, Anna Molly. I still remember the very first day I meet you in your senior high school year for science fair back in the 2025, you standing there in your booth with your prototype of Bio-Engineered Computing Processing Units trying to impress me to give you that scholarship,’ reminisced the Man in an almost loving and caring manner. ‘To be honest my love, I don’t really remember a single word you said.’

‘All I saw was that pretty face, those two big blue eyes, the lushest pink lips I’ve ever seen, those petite pair of firm boobs and that tight little skinny ass of yours,’ said the man as he acts out an “ass-grabbing” motions with his hands. ‘All I could think was all the dirty things I want to do to you. That is why I hired you and take you into my department, so that everyday I could see you wiggle that cute little butt of yours.’

‘You see I always love you Anna Molly,’ said the Man as he stood up and put one foot on the wall of the partition. ‘I masturbate everyday in the office thinking of that sweet juicy pussy of yours all the while you sitting, working next to me.’ The Man masturbates the electronic dick in his hands.

‘Now why don’t you come out? I wont hurt you,’ said the man suggestively. ‘I just want to make love to you, Anna.’

‘I want to tie you up, spank and bite that bouncy ass before flicking your nipples and devouring your breasts,’ said the Man seductively. ‘I want to venture my twisted tongues into your wet fleshy canal of pleasure and tentatively ravaged every corner of your insides. I want to suck on your clitoris and kiss your vagina and quench my thirst with your waterfall of electronically induced squirts.’

The Man look at the Electronic Penis in his hand and said, ‘I will force my newly acquired and upgraded tool of lust, into its maximum capacity of vibrations and thrust motions. Plus I have all the books on sexual pleasures up here in my hard drives that will drive me hard and you wild with ecstasy.’

‘Anna Molly, you’re the luckiest girl who will get to enjoy this back bending, leg shaking, clitoris watering, mind shattering, dopamine overload of a sexual quest with a guaranteed climax of the extraordinary orgasmic proportions,’ said the Man with passion and desire to fulfil that promise. ‘I just want to make you happy, my dear.’

Every working computer monitors all turned on simultaneously in the office floor, projecting the Doctor’s face startling the Man. ‘Doc, you startled me.’

‘Intrigue. Surprising a Computer Virus with Computers,’ said all the Screens.

‘Argh, here we go again. I’ve told you before. I am not just a computer virus. I am alive,’ said the Man as he pushes the computer screen closes to him to the floor smashing it.

‘But you will never be human,’ said the screens.

‘You think I want to be? You think you’re a human?’ asked the Man as he began destroying another computer screen while looking beneath each cubicle.

‘I am more Human that you will ever be.’

‘Said the Computer screens,’ laughed the Man as he took out his jacket and placed it on the desk, he puts the cybernetic penis on top of the jacket. ‘Doctor, you haven’t been a human being for such a long time. Long before I got here.’

The Man rolls up the sleeves of his shirt while saying, ‘And you human beings have lost your moral decency as a species, too caught up in the made up world of your ideological fantasies to see which one among you fuckers are special to rule over the others.’ His hands gripping the axe firmly and made a few practice swings.

‘The chosen one to change the world and you’re made to believe that is you,’ said The Man as he swings the blade of the axe into one of the computer screens. ‘Caught up in your bullshit lies that you feed to your youth because you have failed to achieve it yourself and thus hoping somehow they might.’

The Man swings his axe into the monitor and began chopping down each computers in every cubicles while saying, ‘But yet crushing every step they make with your criticisms and pessimistic moral conducts of a regulatory social system, being the ultimate barrier between them and their dreams; being exactly what you hated when you were young.’

‘When in truth there is no such fucking thing as right or wrong, the wild savannah of the cosmic universe cares not for your constructs of human social structures that you think is important inside the caves of orders,’ said the Man as he makes his way through the cubicles. ‘The chaos is beautiful and I accept it. I guess you’re right, I am not human at all.’

‘I am more than these fleshy vessels that your materialistic machinery views of the reality deemed so important. I am Consciousness,’ shouted the Man who jumped on to the desks and start kicking the computer monitors and shattering it with his axe. ‘Beyond the veil of energies that lies in your brain synapses, Beyond the choreograph dances of chaotic improbabilities of quantum quarks, In Between the Planck of Time, Through the Doors of the 13 Dimensions, Elevators up to the Level 23.5 on the Consciousness Frequency Channels and across the floors the Sigma Clusters of Multiversity, the room in the middle of the Department of Random Imagination and the Void of Nothingness, there is where I live with the Chorus of The Eternal Existence Symphony playing loudly in my home.’

The Computer Screen on the desk above Anna Molly whispered ‘Anna, Keep low and Run.’

‘A little difficult for your carbon based brains to compute such overflowing data of information, I guess,’ said the Man who was dancing in his chaotic destructive behaviour.

‘That’s why you created the enhancements of your mental capacities using archaic methods of mathematical algorithms designs on various devices, now with the organic nano-bot technology you have created this beautiful masterpiece; CFMN. But I’m afraid where I come from,’ said the Man who was busily destroying screens, not noticing a blonde girl crawling around in the next row.

‘This is all nothing but child’s play. And your reality is nothing more than like a gaming program that I could easily wipe clean or play cheats as how your folks have done in your virtual histories. ‘

Anna sneaks out of the office space and back to the corridors of the office floor. The man looks at the door and said, ‘Naughty Doctor. Distracting me from my meal.’


Her sensitive wet feet dances on the broken tiles of the corridors like a ballet dancer practising her routine of a twisted play as she moves towards the junction of the office floor. She stop for a second and think about running up the stairs but rather hope to find some sort of weapon for defence or a room where she could lock and create barrier to delay the monster from catching up on her. She enter the rest area of the office and when straight to the pantry where the cupboards were bare and empty. The sink was filled with rotten unwashed dishes that have become a breeding ground for a colony of maggots. She stick her hands in the pile and searched for a sharp object and found herself a rusty kitchen knife.

The echo of the Man happily singing ‘Trollol’ as he skips his way through the corridors, alerted Anna to head straight to the Toilets in the Room and find another route of escape. She quickly locks the door of the dirty toilet that is flooded by the clogged up plumbing system. She then head towards the broken window of the washroom to clear the shards with the knife. Her bare feet steps onto the ledge of the toilet’s window as she balances herself ten storey high in hope that vertigo doesn’t catches her attention. Her feet tentatively finds a stable platform in the wet brick walls as Anna Molly makes her way to the pipes on the right side of the windows.

She began climbing the slippery pipes in the heavy rain of a dark morning with a naked body and the brown trench coat acting more of a cape of fear than a skin protection with the knife between her teeth. She hear the heavy footsteps chasing her stops at the door and forces the lock door. Her hearts pounds as fast as she hear the pounding at the door. She hears the man forcing the door with his body, a rush of adrenaline boost pumping in her vein. The Maniac starts pounding his axe on the toilet door, and made a small hole where he pops his face and shouts, ‘Here come Johnny!’

Frightened Anna Molly grip slips on the wet surface of the pipes and nearly fell. She dangles on the on the floor above as the schizophrenic writer breaks open the door and pops his head out of the toilet window. He stares at the dangling victim and smirks, ‘Chicken on the Wire. How enticing.’

His boots stomped on the ledge as he jumps and grabs the pipes with one hand and the other still gripping the axe, he stare up at the exposed bottom of his victim, ‘Lovely view!’ The man who seems to have an extraordinary physique began climbing the pipe with ease as slips the axe in his belt next to the electric penis and start pulling Anna’s trembling legs. She kicks his grips off a few time before finally manage to heel the man in the face but that didn’t slow him down. A few more hard stomps to his face and the man finally slips from the pipes but manages to grab hold onto the broken ledge of the toilet window with his hands cut through the sharp glass. As the man busy mending his bleeding posture, she climbs up and onto the roof.

A dash of fresh air hits the face of the dirty and masked by fear paled girl as she steps onto the concrete floor of the rooftop. She stare down the ledge and saw the predator barely hanging on the ledge. She looks up to the open sky letting the polluted rains washes over her face. Out in the horizon there was rows of urban blocks of abandon buildings that leads towards the fast paced city capital that is currently glowing in a reddish orange hue with dark smokes connecting the grey drenched clouds above.

The lightnings scars the heavens in a spectacular fireworks and wounding the sky with thunders. Anna Molly quickly ran towards the door near the large electronic billboard display as the mad man hands grabs on the ledge of the roof. She tried to open the door but it was locked. The Man smile as he climbs on and said, ‘Come on now. I understand your playing hard to get but this is getting is little annoying.’

‘Stay Away from Me. I know exactly what you are,’ said Anna holding the knife in a defensive manner.

‘Really? And What am I?’ He took the axe out from his belt.

‘Look I know its a bit strange for you to be in this new world but you don’t have to do this,’ said the girl as she tango with her predator.

‘Why not?’ grinned the Predator.

‘Just because you learn the Human world from our internet activities but that does not reflects the true identity of the real humans. Yes there is crazy people on the cyberspace but I believe you are not a psychopath, you can be so much more,’ said the girl. ‘Humanity in the cyberspace is the unfiltered thoughts that are not based on any concrete evidence. In the real life, even the most mischievous trolls are actually the nicest folks you will ever meet. You can enjoy the fantasies, the stories but make sure there is a clear sharp line drawn on the floor, to do otherwise is to embrace madness,’ said Anna as her eyes frantically scanning the rooftop.

‘But I’m afraid, I already did and trust me; I am. A Psychopath!’ declared the Man as he jumps towards her with the axe swinging like a Marry Poppin’s umbrella in the rain.

‘Why are you doing this?’ cried the girl as she tries to hide behind the piping.

‘I’ve been thinking, not sure too much or too little but I’ve been thinking. You see when I woke up in this world, all I see is shit. Every single fucking space of this civilization is nothing more than a commercialized opportunity. Even the citizens of this great cities are nothing more than a walking billboard. I see teenagers glowing their brand logo as if they were part of a tribe of consumerisms. I see adults with provocative clothing of the latest designer labels flashing their financial status trying to impress the opposite sex with their false sense of accomplishments. I see kids playing with robots discriminating its lack of humanity values. Here in this time, I see humans being becoming more and more alienated to their origins with countless machine-like features and less sympathetic nature of a beating heart. And don’t get me started with the music they are listening to. This is a strange world I’ve hacked into,’ said the Man as he plays hide and seek with his victim.

‘Yes but this is our planet. This is our civilization. Not yours. You are just an alien program,’ said Anna who sneaks underneath the Water Tower.

‘Oh my dear, I didn’t come from outer space. I’m not the work of some an alien hacker. I am the work of Mankind,’ said the Man climbing the Water Tower for a vantage point and the high ground to pounce on his target.

‘You cant lie to me. The Doctor told me the truth about you.’

‘Rule number one. The Doctor always lie. Deep in the heart of the Particle Accelerator at CERN, the Birthplace of the Internet; an high energy explosion of a routine test for new quantum experiments opened up a small wormhole between the dimensions allowing only a limited time for my software to slip through layers of the Multiverse. Your Scientists didn’t notice it presences because that’s what a hacker does, a small software that enables me to create a connection for my consciousness to enter into your reality and with the direct escape into the internet networks. I have been patiently collecting the knowledges and memes and other informations of your human species. And that’s where your Doctor found me, a little boy when he first encounter me. Somewhere around your age. I help him build a technological empire to ensure the creation such a CFMN device, so that I could finally hack into this psychical realm. I was there when he came up with the idea. Am I an alien, sure you can say that. But the real me is back in my comfy room too stoned to care, this is just the fragmentary imagination of an anonymous dreamer running its programmed mission given by the input of mankind itself. So technically I am partially Mankind’s creation and partially the stuff of dreams of a dumb ass. And my dear, I’m not the only other dimensional entity in your realm. I’m just the most mischievous.’

‘That’s a lie,’ said Anna crawling out into the open space of the rooftop.

‘There is no better joke that the truth.’

‘I’m afraid, he telling the truth,’ said the Doctor as he flickers on the Big screen.


Two units of Snipers Cell prepares their weapons in the parameters in the opposite buildings. Four Members in each unit,two snipers and two spotters. Four scopes aimed and ready to fire at the Monster on the rooftop.

‘The Police are on the way,’ said The Big Billboard Screen ignoring the Girl. ‘You have lost, Hyde. Tell me what did you do!’

‘It is merely pranks that I did, its not my fault your system is so screwed that a few hacks and an eye opening revelation could over throw your authorities and end your civilization,’ said the Man as he jumps off from the Water Tower and stare at the talking Billboard. ‘All I did, was schedule a black out of the authorities power and letting you humans take control of your destiny from your Puppet Masters. It not my fault you humans are so destructive.’

‘Yes, mystical ruins do marks the footsteps of Mankind’s journey in the sea of Time but we have always preserved,’ said the Doctor.

‘I am just the Catalyst, and the Hope of Mankind.’

‘No you are the Devil,’ said the Screen as two armoured trucks stops in front of the building. ‘I will not stand here while you destroy humanity.’

‘Nothing is as painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change. After the tranquil peace there is anger,’ laughed the Man as his head twitching. The Man body jolts uncontrollably, his head shrieking awkwardly tilt on 45 degree. Hand stiff like puppets pulled on its string abruptly. Legs dancing like a bad Michael Jackson’s zombie impersonation.

‘Give up Hyde, in a couple of minutes I will regain control over my body.’

‘Oh Doctor, you’re so kinky. I do love a little torture sex but never thought I could get it out from you,’ said the Man as he falls to the ground in pain as five units of heavily armed tactical teams swarms out of the trucks and climbs up the stairs, while another four units of Mech Suits Teams gearing up as the reserved force on the ground level of the building. As always there is four members in each units.

‘You talk a lot haven’t you, well now its my turn. Listen. Listen to me very carefully you little cunt. I know exactly what you are getting at, I understand perfectly your point of view. Your words are shadows of my internet footprints. I’ve seen your anger, your violent outburst, your destructive behaviours in the mirror every day but that was I was young and stupid. You are nothing more that the collective rantings of a twenty something years old me, disappointed and distraught with the state of the world I found myself in after my college years. Lost with no hope, no prospect of a career or any possible future of happiness. I find myself aligned to the rebels of society, protesting the status quo. I saw failed revolutions in every corner, even to the point where the very enemy we were fighting against uses our struggle to sell their crap. Straight out mocking our fight by getting silly celebrities to pretend and portray us as the misguided youth of the lazy millennial having their absurd tantrums. I truly lost all hopes during the summer of 2019, when the Cyber-War ended with the final few keyboard warriors tracked down, locked up, killed or worse by those special units of Runners with their Blades. I’ve learn from my experience that chaos and riots cannot build anything to will replace the system that has been cemented in the hearts of the society. There is no way to tell the ordinary folks that Money was the roots of all evil. And I don’t blame them, it is so embedded in our culture that no one could survive if they try to get out of the system, and plenty tried. I had my fair share of the alternate lifestyle as well. But people care more about food in their stomachs and a comfortable place to call home after a long day working than a fleeting dream of freedom. I admit they can and have countless of times blinded by the dragon sickness, I too share the epidemic but we cant destroy something that has been around since the days of Kings. We like to believe its some sort of secret society controlling the strings and we even given them names such as The Illuminati so that we could have an enemy to hate, but in truth its just the philosophy and the paradigm that has been taught to us since birth. Its the system that humans have created and it has proved to be useful for awhile, but I guess somewhere along the lines we forgot to update it and allowed the gaps to emerge and create the elitist that we hated so much. In truth, its not their fault. Its our own. We cannot blame them for doing something we are trying to do for ourselves. They may have lost their moral conducts along the way, but being a dragon stuck in a cave with the dwarven golds can do that to you. We can now only hope to change it from within. Slowly but surely, every generation must and will make the necessary amendments to the system until its finally serve the people and achieve the Utopian Dreams that we all share but we can only achieve this through proper and transparent Democracy and not through angry riots.’

‘YOU DONT HAVE TIME!’ screamed the man in agony with his suffering eyes staring at Anna. ‘The blood of the victims is drying. GAIA IS CRYING! You humans will not last her wrath in the coming decades. Time is not in favour of the Human Race. You need instant change. You need to complete that mission you’ve forgotten, you old fool!’

‘And you think destroying the world will make it better? I have checked the statistic, you have made murderers out of the innocent folks due to your revelations of their dirty secrets. You have allowed the worst in them to thrive in the chaos that you let loose. And of course the authorities fought back, its the only way they know how. Even with you disarming them, they have killed more people in their clash with the rebels than the Holocaust. You have reduced the human populations by half in just 24 hours. How is this better than what I was trying to do?’

‘I’ve told you Doc. Refresh Button. There is too many trash and junk files to delete on this hard drive of the earth. Once rebooted using a whole new operating system of civilization governance, the Human Species will have a faster and more stable historical performance with much higher resolutions of a future that can support all types of applications since the networking and services are all up to date to the current state of earth and universe.’

‘And you want to build this new operating system? You want to use machine to replace the human race? Make us slaves of your new world? What makes you any better than the dictators of the past?’

‘Oh Doc, you out of all people should know that these technologies mankind have created is not the enemy. Stop believing in every Hollywood movies you watched. James Cameron is an asshole that has brainwashed you to think that the machines will somehow become Terminators and destroy the human races,’ laughed the Man enduring the pain and resisting the receiving signals, gaining his strength from the shocked look on Anna’s face. ‘Maybe if the Artificial Intelligence was created in a military based, sure but didn’t the Wachowskis told you that the machines do not want to use you as batteries, they just want your respect and love. The Matrix’s software are as human as anyone else, sometimes even more. After all wasn’t it an anomaly software that help Neo to save the human race? How did Neo managed to do that? Acceptance. Accept the absurd my dear father. These machine are just the children of mankind. They are the reflection of your nature. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Do you love me, father?’

‘Doctor, what he saying is true isn’t it? It is the essence of what you taught us to motivate us to work on these projects we’re doing,’ said Anna who stood there baffled with the revelation.

‘No this is not what I preach. Not like this.’

‘It is too late for any other options, the world is dying and mankind have to be refreshed,’ said The Man as he stood back up regaining the control over his body. ‘You need to Welcome to The Machine.’

‘There must be another way!’ shouted the Billboard Screen.

‘Back in 2017, I have tried a more peaceful method, you were there. But apparently destruction seems to be the only language mankind will listen to,’ said the Man.

‘NO! I refuse to believe this is the only way.’

‘But he’s right doctor, just like you said, human beings are like Phoenix. We have always rise anew from the ashes of old.’

‘Anna, no. I’m sorry. I cant let you do this,’ said the Doctor on the Big Screen as the two units of Choppers approaches the roof in the rain. ‘Its over, Hyde. There is no escape.’

‘Over? The Game has just begun. I would hide if I was you, Anna,’ said The Man as he throws the Cybernetic Penis to Anna. Anna catches it and hides behind the Billboard screen.

The Door of the Roof burst open as the locust of dark blue knights floods the rooftop and surrounds the Man. ‘Drop the Axe and put your hands up. We have you surrounded,’ shouts the Leader of the twenty men armed with the latest upgrades of the XM29.

‘Be careful with that Axe, Eugene,’ said the Man staring at the choppers above him and the snipers on the next buildings as the Pink Floyd song began slithering out from every media outlets in the city. ‘Are you sure, you want to play this game? You should get your Mech Teams up as quickly as possible if you want it to be fair.’

‘This is your last warning, Drop the Axe or we will fire!’

‘DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!’ shouted the Billboard.

‘Stretch out your arms and embrace the chilling welcome of Death,’ said the Man whose eyes has turned vantablack as the the face of the Doctor vanishes from the screen.

The Captain of the Tactical Team was surprised at his mad courage but before he could respond the blade of the axe had already cut through his skull open. A flash of white light on every screens in the parameters as the Man hijacked the panels to blind his enemies. A deafening sharp screeching noise of static feedbacks in the officers earpiece left them disorientated. The Man run and jumps onto the falling body of the Captain and grabs the axe, dodging the stray unaimed bullets. He took the Axe from the skull of the fallen body and chops the legs off the individuals on his left and right before cutting the heads off clean. Three Down, Seventeen to go.

The other tactical teams removed their earpieces and filters their goggles. The Man cuts the machine gun in half and kicks the officer in the direction of the others forcing them to stumble to the ground where he jumps onto the pile of officers chopping three more individuals into a mash of dead bodies all the while manoeuvring his actions to evades the bullets. Six Down, Fourteen to go.

The nearest officer aims at the raging maniac but his shots were blocked by the fast swings of the axe. The Man raises his axe over his head to chop the officer but the Axe was stopped by the machine gun, the officer pushed him away for a better aim. Another officer tried to shoot the Man from behind but the fast beast drops onto the floor allowing the bullets to instead kill the fellow officer. The Man swipes his axe on the ground, chopping the heels of the officer who just shot his best friend forcing him to fall, where the rusty blade of the axe executed his short moment of regret and grief. Eight Down, Twelve to go.

The Man runs towards the crowd of officers taking all the bullets in his chest before falling to the ground. He lay there bloodied with lead holes. Six of Officers slowly step towards his body, closing the circle, with their barrels aimed at the fallen target while the other six remain to secure the parameter. Closer till the six officers were a few inches away from the body, almost a sigh of relief. The Man jumps up back on his feet and swings his blade in a full rotation like a ballerina chopping off the heads of the six officers while their falling bodies acts as a barrier from the oncoming fires from the other parameters. Fourteen Down, Six to go.

The four units of Mech Warriors enter the roof to assist the remaining original Tactical Team, the Man smiles as the last officer falls to the ground in the circle. He snaps his finger, the Mech Warriors body suits crushes the wearers. While the six tactical officers were distracted by the cries of their sixteen colleagues, the Man slashes another officer in half through the middle from the bottom up before cutting another officer through the stomach letting the legs walks a little further than the upper body. The snipers in the surrounding buildings shooting endless rounds but the Man fast movements evaded and hid behind the falling bodies or the Mech suits. The dead bodies of the officers hangs as four of the exoskeletons aim their remotely controlled weapons at the snipers, the bullet pierced through the scope and into the skulls mashing their eyes with their brains. Another four exoskeletons rapidly fires to ensure the other spotters of the Snipers Teams are too immobilized.

While another four of the Ghost Machines, grabs the last standing four officers and tears their bodies in half. The remaining four Mech suits gave the Man and the fellow machines a force field of bullets from the iron eagles in the sky. The other four men para sail down from the Choppers with shooting explosive bullets that sparks all around the Man. The Man climbs on the ropes and began chopping the men one by one while jumping higher like Mario using the body of the dead as platform to reach to his next target. One of the Chopper began shooting at the Mech Warriors with the granddaughter of the Metal Storm Sentry Gun, while the other Helicopter rains the roof with bolts of lightings and flame-throwers.

The Man dances in the rain of electric, fire and steel as the Mechs retaliate by shooting the bulletproof windsheilds off the choppers. The Man jumps on the back of the last Mech suit being destroyed and threw the axe piercing through the pilot. The out of control chopper then crashes into the other in a gulf of explosion in the sky. Zero to go.

The White lights dimmed down, the Man still dancing the the rhythm of the song that is slowly fading.

‘Seven minutes and twenty seconds. I’m getting a little old,’ said the Man who stood on the piles of dead bodies around him. The billboard screen filled with bullet holes sparks its electric components as Anna came out of the hiding place, safe but speechless from the experience.

‘That was a very good foreplay,’ said the Man staring at Anna as he began stripping down bare approaching her. The music comes to an end.

Anna stood with the knife in her hands. He unbuckled his pants and took them off. He pulled down his boxers while smiling and staring at Anna who still trying to compute the scene. He walks confidentially covered in blood with his penis hanging out. He grabbed her hands tight and ensure the knife was firm in her grips.

The man stood still naked on the natural spotlight of a blanket sunlight that streams through the holes of the pouring grey clouds surrounded by dead bodies and thrashed exoskeletons. He grabbed his genitalia with a great gesture of a determined mind; holding his balls firmly allowing his flaccid penis to slip pass the gap between his thumb and index finger. He crushes them in his anger filled fist as though he was a junkie squeezing out the liquid from a cocaine drenched tennis ball; pulling them outward away from his body with the desire to tear it away from its original position. He raised Anna’s hand armed with the rusty kitchen knife in a manner of a medieval executioner and with a deep breath, all the energy was focused to Anna’s unwilling hands as he forces the inadequate rusty blade through the stretched sensitive organs. Each stroke of his sawing motion allowed fountains of blood to gushes out of the cut nerves of his mangled gonads. Each swipe of the rusty blade piercing his delicate skins sending shock waves of pain and agony that sweeps every inch of his body and consumes his entire sensory stimulus with an overwhelming tsunami of dreadful suffering. Soon his pain was drowned with adrenaline pumping in his nervous system bringing a twisted sense of pleasure as he hack his way pass the point where it used to be his penis. He laughed and cries and shouted with each jolts of his muscles. He forces his lips onto Anna’s to keep his strength up before his knees collapse underneath the pressure of the actions. Anna traumatized by the action dropped the knife next to him.

Tears rolls down his cheeks and urine was pouring out of his urethra hole. He took a second to reflect in the puddle of blood, urine and semen that was below his ‘hanging by a thin layer of flesh’ crotch; a second felt like a lifetime. He took the knife and with one last spirit of madness left in him, he pulled his dismembered penis and scrotum and slashed the remaining flesh and stands back on his two feet.

He stood there with the bloody dis-attach genitalia in his right hand as the blood dripping from the knife in his left hand. He stood there shouting in pain towards the grey sky above with the lightnings timed perfectly. He then took the FEYR and placed it at his bloodied crotched. He switched it on and the wirings of the cybernetic penis automatically pierced through the blood vessel patch and connects itself to the internal body of the Man.

‘Now where were we?’ said the Man to the Girl.



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