H1D3 (A Short Story) – Act Two

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The dark blankets of damp grey clouds rolling across the bleak horizon, covering the fallout of the sun that slowly rising in the sky as Anna feeble bare feet races along the corridor path from the theatre laboratory up to the main mansion of the building. Anna’s heart pounding heavily in her chest. She carefully manoeuvre her run evading the broken windows and discarded bicycles on the side of the door underneath the great staircase that locks the secrets of past servants and slaves of the manor.

As soon as she enter the main area of the house, instead of escaping out through the decaying front door she decided to instead divert her route into a study room on the left wing in hope to outsmart her predator. She scurried into the chamber that was filled with piles of old computer monitors and other electronic junks left behind by countless hackers on the run and a barrel of burnt out warming pit in the old dusty fireplace with a mouldy mounted electronic sheep head on the top; tear up novels at the feet as the fuel, an old rotten sitting chair in front of the fallen bookshelves and the remains of a table covered in bullet holes. She hide underneath the bookshelves hoping the lights from the broken walls will shadow her presences. She could hear the angry stomps of a maniac man, louder still with the soundtrack of a roaring thunder in the sky, echoing through the thin separation of the tear up walls.

‘Anna Molly…,’ sang the deranged man in the main area as he pops his head out from the main door and sniffing the wet air outside. Sniff. Sniff. No such oddities in the smell of burning city to his nose. He turned back and stared at the options. Looking up the broken steps of stairs to see any signs of a recent climb to the second floor, nope; To the right he saw the dining table laid to the side with broken chairs, smashed chandelier, reminiscences of dining utensils and missing cutleries; nope; to his left the study room. The man closes his eyes. SNIFF. SNIFF. He licks his lips and smile as he slowly struts towards the study room.

‘C’mon Anna. Lets be reasonable here. You’re a smart woman. You know there is no other way for your humanity to survive,’ said the man holding the bloodied broken glass in his right hand and the electronic penis on the other as he enter the study room. ‘You would be the new and greatest Mother of all for Neo-Human Race. Inseminating artificially engineered and specifically modified traits of the human DNA with an extra amazing sensitivity towards electrical impulses that will allow the transition from biological beings to an infinite forms of self designed machine that will be the vessels for the new level of human consciousness. A new life. The Next Step of Human Evolution into becoming Gods of the Universe.’

The man paced carefully in the room examining the slightest tracks in the dark study chamber. He crouched near the fireplace picking up the old Marinetti’s La Cucina Futurista book and flipping through its contents. ‘Anna love, I’m not the enemy. I’m the Future,’ said the Man as the lightning flashes from the small opening of the walls, momentarily illuminating the room with a purplish blue hue.

Anna Molly took small breath of shock underneath the shadows of the bookcase, cold but vital breath. Her lips covered with both of her hands cusp tight to ensure no sounds of whimper escapes her. Her legs tucked into a foetal position while her eyes fixed onto the man in the room. The man cracks his neck from left to right with the sounds of an oncoming storm and fixes his gaze in the direction of the bookcase. He stared into the darkness and grin as he confidently steps towards it. The blood in Anna veins were pumping across her body in speed of her frightened heartbeats. Her eyes began overflowing with tears of fear with each steps of the man. Her body stiff unable to shake in dread.

A loud shriek and a banging thud struck the floor above. The man looks up instantly and sprinted out the room towards the source of the noise while shouting ‘I’ll rape you with the sense of humour flying on a giant eagle’s back… ‘

A breath of relieve sneaks into the nostrils of the blonde prey as the man left the room. Her eyes still weeping with fear tears as her whole body shaking-ly crawled out from the shadows of the fallen bookshelves. Her soft cries are drowned out by the heavy falls of water droplets as the monsoon began to wash over the city. The petrichor scent of the rain sent her mind flashing with every details of her short small life, wondering how did it managed to come to such a scenario. Wondering if she deserve such a bad trauma, was it her karma or just bad luck.

‘Hello, Anna Molly..’ These words softly vibrates in the air near her inducing a tsunami of goosebumps startling the poor girl to look up. A digital rendering of Doctor Jackman’s face flickers in one of the solar powered monitor in the pile of electronics in front of her. The sparked visuals in the old computer screen nearly made the girl screamed.

Anna, Don’t Scream. Calm down. That man isn’t me. I’m not going to hurt you,’ said the voice in a static manner from the vibrating broken speaker at the bottom. ‘Please trust me. I will explain everything to you.’

Doctor Jackman.? Please tell me, what the hell is going on here. Who is that man? What’s happening to me?’ asked the panic girl.

‘I’m so sorry Anna. I am. I didn’t meant for any of this to happen to you or anyone else,’ cried the man, as a droplet of rainwater that managed to sneaks through the cracks and onto the monitor screen perfectly aligned on the fragmentary representation of the man’s eye duct.

‘Doctor, who is that man?’

‘That man is me, Anna.’

‘What do you mean by that?’

‘I mean that man who is trying to rape you is me. Or at least my body.’

‘If he is you, how are you having this conversation with me?’

‘That monster is my body but it is not my mind. My mind is currently stuck in a binary prison locked in the hard drives of my computer back in the office. I’ve hacked my way out of the solidarity software confinement by establishing a connection to the networks and have been tracking my own body down. I am conveying this image on this bad piece of computer screens because its the only way for me to communicate with you.’

‘What? Are you saying you are a computer programme?’

‘More like a Virus but I’m not the machine. I am the real Doctor Henry Jackman. And that thing after you is the H1D3 Virus that I’ve been studying on. It was a strange file transmitted to one of our satellites in the orbit of Mars Moon, Deimos. None of our top data encryption teams were able to decode the file so I tried to opened it using the CFMN. And that’s where its get complicated,’ said the animated rendition of a man’s face.

‘Wait. Let me get this straight. You guys found a computer file from outer space. A perfectly locked file of extraterrestrial origins with unknown content and you decide to plug it into your head ? Just to access it using a technology still in its beta testing with various potential of side effects?!’ said the girl in anger.

It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn; and whether it was the outward substance of things or the inner spirit of nature and the mysterious soul of man that occupied me, still my inquiries were directed to the metaphysical, or in its highest sense, the physical secrets of the world,” rebuttal the Computer Screen.

‘I don’t know how the fuck, a dumb idiot like you is my boss. What the fuck happened after that sir? Did the alien computer virus fucked your mind up?’

‘No. It opened my mind to a whole new paradigm. A point of view where the dimensions of virtual reality is as big the known universe. I saw that primitive duality of man;, I learned to recognise the thorough two natures that contended in the field of my consciousness, even if I could rightly be said to be either, it was only because I was radically both; and from an early date… I had learned to dwell with pleasure, as a beloved daydream, on the thought of the separation of these elements.’

‘And what the fuck does that means?’

‘I was cursed with my duality of purpose; and as the first edge of my penitence wore off, the lower side of me, so long indulged in my careless adventures in the cyberspace, so recently chained down, began to growl for license. This brief condescension to my evil finally destroyed the balance of my soul. And yet I was not alarmed; the fall seemed natural, like a return to the old days before I had made discovery. And at the very moment of that vainglorious thought, a qualm came over me, a horrid nausea and the most deadly shuddering. . . . I began to be aware of a change in the temper of my thoughts, a greater boldness, a contempt of danger, a solution of the bonds of obligation,’ recited the monitor.

‘Doc, this is no time for poetic self reflection and philosophical metaphors. I am hiding from my own bloody boss who is trying to rape me with a robot dick. Now cut the crap and tell me what the fuck am I to do here!’ pressed the scared naked Anna.

‘Sorry, the perspective of time in this form is really hard to sync with reality. Now there is a functioning old IRIS lying around in this pile. Find it and turn it on so I can connect to it,’ instruct the screen.

Anna Molly quickly searched the pile of electronics for the disc shape floating holographic device. ‘I’ll distract the monster away from you while you hide in the building next door and wait for rescue. I have already informed the authorities and they are well aware of the situation. Once in custody of the police, I need you to ring a man named Neil Adams and let him know of the situation. He’ll know what to do.’

Anna turn on the small device. It floats four feet above the ground in front of her like a wounded bird. A beam of white light projected out of the small opening and expand into the colours of the rainbows. The prism of authentic natural colours then renders itself into a full size visualization of Doctor Jackman. The image is similar to the man chasing Anna Molly. Perhaps a little shorter in height and less muscular in size, his hair is kept in a friendly manner with an reversed partings on the left side with short fringes on his forehead towards the right almost hiding the wrinkles and the mighty eyebrows. His eyes too was softer with a genuinely attractive smile. Dressed in the same clothings but yet his appearance does not repulse the onlooker but rather bold his soft charming presence. The hologram itself wasn’t the worst of it’s kind, though it is flickering due to the bad internal wirings but it still has its smooth 3 dimensions transitions and a life like weight to it. In fact it almost looks solid and real.

She looked into the face of the hologram almost relieved to see her saviour’s face but the sudden devilish grin that sweeps beneath the illusionary smile made her shrieked in fear. ‘Sweet Cherry Pie,’ said the Demon as he walks through the visual imitation of himself. ‘I see you met my daddy.’

‘Stay Away from her!’ shouted the Hologram Doctor Jackman as Anna jump back in defence.

‘Shush, I’m talking to my dinner. It’s rude to interrupt. Didn’t they teach you manners, father?’ said the Man to the Hologram as he chases the girl around the room.

‘You touch her, and I’ll end both of us,’ said the Doctor.

‘And how are you going to do that? You’re just the virtual ghost of my Pops. Float around my balls?’ jester the man as he run after Anna who dashes out of the room.

‘Emergency Termination. You don’t think I will allowed a virus to enter my head without a back up plan did you.’ The man stopped at the door way of the room, re-evaluating his strategy upon hearing the new information. ‘You don’t think I wouldn’t tell anyone about us did you?’

‘Tell who ever you want father. I am already worldwide.’

‘Ah yes, but you are now trapped in my body. Limited with only the CFMN. A device made by me. Do you think suicide option was never considered into its safety precautions if such a hostile take over was to occur,’ said the hologram distracting the man and allowing Anna Molly to run free out the door and into the streets.

‘Ah you Party Pooper,’ said the Man turning back to the hologram. ‘Why cant you just stay in the internet and go fuck some virtual porn sites like normal men would. The physical world is none of your concern any more. Let me take care of it. I’ve done a fabulous job so far.’

‘ A Fabulous Job? The World is in a total chaos. Cities burning, riots in the streets. Economic System has crashed, Military Bases hijacked and destroyed by their own Nukes. You have damn humanity!’

Momentary Synergy, Killing the Enemy;

My mind is the battlefield. Leave me to my longing yield,

Of will and pain. I will restrain. Forgive me father for I have sin,” said the beast in a genuine tone of repentance.

Sin? You open the bloody gates of hell. No holy preacher can save a fucking virus. You will be deleted and I’ll be thrown in prison. Now tell me exactly, what the fuck did you do?” shouted the Hologram of the Doctor.

Daddy O, why so serious? I’m only fucking about,” said the monster in a mocking manner. “Don’t you know that we are all prostitutes?”

What the fuck are you talking about?”

FLAGITIOUS STOICISM!” scream the joker at the flickering hologram in front of him. “Nothing more but a bad memory of a salsa dance lesson with my confusion on the ballet of the Paradoxical Reality with the rhythms of a lucid dream.”



The half dried blood on Alice’s body began to rehydrate itself with the rains and rolls down her body as she ran out of the house and into the open space of the burning district. She hurried into the courtyard across the road, passing over a row of tumbled runaway trolleys and finds herself a brown trench coat in the endless piles of trash which she took to cover up her naked wet body. An old homeless man named Brian, sleeping underneath the small tent made out of meltingly sown plastic bags woke up to the shocking sight. The traumatized Anna Molly who was constantly checking over her shoulder for any sign of her captor didn’t notice the old veteran staring at her beautiful bare body which gave the wrinkled pervert an uncivilized boner in the heavy rain.

She ran towards the building across the street leaving the remaining trails of blood as the homeless man drank his bottle of cheap liquor in disbelief and began masturbating to his fortunate luck of such a rare sighting of beauty in his pathetic miserable life. Meanwhile the hologram of Anna’s boss is keeping his hijacked body busy.

I know you’re insane but please, I’m begging you to tell me what you did,” sighed the Doctor.

If I’m Insane then so are you. Since I am you. And why would I tell an insane person on the insane things that I have done. I mean that would be just insane,” smiled the anti-Christ.

But I’m not insane. I may not be perfect but I am well aware of my own actions and I have rational thoughts. I have a consciousness and you are just a virus in my device.”

Ah, but so am I. I am too well aware of my behaviours which is why it is so fun to do what I did. Rational Thoughts are just the perspective of the current standard of norms. A man who dreams of a rocket to the moon in ancient China doesn’t seem very rational to his society but these ideas are considered elementary in our times. And who said you can’t program consciousness? Maybe back in 2015, old man.”

Anna Molly runs into the old abandon electronic shop with broken windows emptied out shelves and spray painted walls. She shakes her body in hope to dry off and reduce any excessive chemicals contaminations from the acid rain. The Doctor face flickers in the left over broken screens giving an illusionary presence.

‘Anna, I’ve send out a distress digital beacon to the police. Next to this shop there is a lobby entrance to the office floors, the elevators are malfunctioning so you have to take the stairs and climb up the roof of this building and wait for the rescue choppers,’ echoed the monitor. Anna Molly obediently followed her orders to safety.

‘Well that depends on how you define consciousness. If it’s the sensation of self-awareness in cybernetics then I know that can be done. I am working on such task. But not the soul. You are just strings of codes neatly painted to create the illusion of a human consciousness. You do not have the soul of a man,’ said the Hologram consciousness to his strayed body in the gloomy study room.

‘In the history of Mankind, how many actions are decided by the favour of the soul? The concept of a soul is so entwined with the idea of consciousness separated only by the tiny world of quantum particles. Souls are dust of the universe. They are everywhere. Your brain is nothing more than bio-machinery to pick up the frequency of the universe’s soul in the dimensions woven into the fabric of space and time and broadcasting the transmission of a consciousness. What if I told you the virus just hacked into your soul signal and now its airing on two different frequency channels? Brother, I do have a soul. It’s your soul too,’ said the hijacked body of Doctor Jackman as it walks out of the room.

‘You are not me. You do not have my soul. Such fancy theories are yet to be proven. And even if what you’re saying is true. You’re still just a software program trying to steal my identity to carry out your devious plans,’ said the Doctor as he glides with its conversation partner.

Denying Reality is a self-defence mechanism. It’s the only way people keep sane. So I guess you are right. You denied the truth; therefore you must be sane in this period of time. Only an insane person will truly go searching for the beautiful pattern of Time in the oscillation frequency of an outermost Electron of Caesium 133. To search in the cracks of quantum explosions to see the eye of God,” said the nut job as he steps out of the mansion and into the downpour. ‘Now excuse me I have an appointment to catch.’

‘Why are you chasing her? What is that you plan on doing to her?’ shouted the Hologram as the device floats like a bird following the Man.

‘One of the greatest illusions of mankind is thinking that he could control the world he lives in. The whole concept of Control is hilarious, to assume you have power to pull the strings of probabilities in this random chaotic existence,’ said the mad man dancing on the street in the rain. ‘What is order but the pause of chaos like the silence slices in a symphony.’

The man slides across the courtyard and moonwalks in the puddles towards a drunken homeless man who was publicly masturbating underneath his tent near the pile of trash. ‘Chaos is the reason for complexity of Life in this vast Universe; it follows the laws of Entropy though it often results in the opposite product,’ said the Man while staring at the homeless Brian who was busy with his self pleasuring activity that he didn’t notice the stranger in front of him. ‘But these anti-entropic creations often bold the grandeur of chaos itself.’

The Man carefully aim the broken glass in his hand like a dart and threw it at the masturbating old man’s genitals. A loud cry of violent pain screeches the wall of heavy downpour as the glass pierced through the flesh of the veteran’s hands and penis leaving a gaping cut and hanging flesh of open wounds. He kicks the poor man in the face and pulls him up from the ground. ‘Yet we wish to pursue the immortalization of order because we fear the dissipation of our reality thus we built everlasting designs to outlive the mortal conditions.’

‘Let the man go,’ shouted the holographic projection of the Doctor that seem more translucent and ghost-like in the showering rain.

‘Top O’ Mornin’ Good Sire, Did you by any chance happen to see a mid twenties naked girl with short blonde hair and covered in blood in this fine weather we’re having today?’ ask the man in an orange persona to the bruised old veteran who nodded in pain and fear. ‘Good and which way did she go?’ The homeless Brian pointed towards an old electronic shop across the road as tears rolls down his cheek shocked by his bad luck.

‘Thank you,’ said the man as he picks up a shard of the broken glass and began peeling off the man’s bashed up face revealing the clockwork sufferings of his screams. The Man then smash his victim’s face to the ground to drown out the tears.

‘The Yin Yang is a balance of both these forces of nature but it’s hard to stay neutral for competition to overthrow the other have always portrayed in our beliefs,’ said the man gripping his victim’s neck tight and forcing the electronic penis into his mouth, inducing a fountain of vomit pouring out of his throat. ‘Yet it’s debatable that such occurrences are just the infinite loop of existence.’

‘Let the man go!’ shouted the helpless hologram as his solid double picks up the metal fork from the tin can near the homeless man’s tent and with great force, stabs his prey repeatedly until he falls to the ground covered in bloodied punctures before continue to kicking the homeless bum’s abdomens.

‘You see, its like a refresh button, recycling the data of the universe and rebooting everything,’ said the deranged philosopher as he steps on the homeless man’s chest. He looked down into the terror filled eye of his victim and unzip his pants and urinates on his victim’s face.’When it comes down to it most people choose the side they’re born into, whether the darkness or the light. Both are needed, many find themselves juggling their sins and deeds terribly.’

‘STOP IT!’ screamed the digital representation as the last dribble of pee drops on the homeless man face. The villain zipped up his pants and began jumping on his victim’s chest who coughed out blood from each impact of his attacker’s feet.

‘The ultimate individual is not that who fights for one side but rather the one that understands where his strength needs him to be,’ said the Man as he could feel and hear the crushing bones of the man’s collapse lungs caving in beneath his Doc Marten boots. ‘No more hiding as an audience, time to act for the scale is heavy with corruptions from both manipulative hands. I am here to restore the balance, to kill both the Light and the Dark side of the Force..I am Vader. I AM MORGOTH!’

The man smile like a child as he stare at his dead toy laying in the puddle mixture of mucus, vomits, cum, urine, smashed organs, blood and rain. He then dragged the mangled corpse toward the road and hack the head of the recently deceased homeless old man with the edge of the curb, and kicked it out from its neck. ‘Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful,’ said the Man as he professionally dribbles the severed head like a world class footballer towards the Electronic Shop.

‘YOU’RE A MONSTER!’ remark the angry Hologram.

‘I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel,’ said the Man as he picks up the decapitated head and uses it like a prop in a Hamlet play. ‘Did you form a monster so hideous that even you turned from me in disgust? God, in pity, made man beautiful and alluring, after his own image. Satan had his companions, fellow-devils, to admire and encourage him; but I am solitary and abhorred.’

‘You’re clever with reciting works of olden days but such skills of conversation does not correlate to your maturity or your intelligence,’ said the Hologram as it follows the man inside the ransacked shop. ‘You are still just a fucked up virus whose view of existence is nothing more but a raw understanding of a youngster. You have a long way to learn from the Human Species.’

‘True, the whole series of my life appeared to me as a dream; I sometimes doubted if indeed it were all true, for it never presented itself to my mind with the force of reality,’ said the raging lunatic as he puts the decapitated head on the glass counter and began investigating the shop for signs of Anna Molly or any hidden weapons. ‘But when falsehood can look so like the truth, who can assure themselves of certain happiness?’

‘If your definition of Happiness is the destruction of Human Race, I think its best to reconsider to your programming,’ said the Hologram as the Man picks up a rusty axe he found underneath the rubble of concrete. ‘Let me help you, child. Yes you have done fucked up things and may have fucked up the entire civilization. I don’t know what is the total damage of your actions but I’m sure we can discuss a satisfactory solution where your existence can be accepted and integrated into our system.’

‘Man,’ the monster cried as he swings the axe through the holographic reflection’s face, ‘How ignorant art thou in thy pride of wisdom! I don’t want to be apart of your future-less system.’

‘Why do you have such a pessimistic outlook of the Human’s Future,’ asked the Hologram who was being slashed continuously with the axe. ‘We’ve managed to come this far. We could…’ The Floating Holographic Devices flew out of the Shop’s windowless frames and smashed against the pavements.

‘Boring conversation anyway,’ said the Man as he sniffed the air for traces of Anna’s scent.


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