Rants of a Millennial

There is a man in a park right outside my house who is getting cuffed by the police officers in the middle of the night because he was sucking his dealer’s dick for that ever lovely methamphetamine, yet this sort of things do not disturb me. It’s almost a normal event to see such things around here, though it goes unreported at times but it doesn’t disturb the peace of the people. We’re quite used to it and at times, we’re kinda expecting this stuff to happen at a time of our great nation’s most action-packed phase of its history with Police and Gangster Showdown articles in the newspaper like an advertisement to a boxing match fixed by the Mafia of our Politicians. So we don’t care much for the flashing red and blue lights around here, we’re of course still nosey people but we don’t care much.

Now this neighbourhood is far from the Ghettos, it might had been one before when we were little kids but today in our young adult phase we see this place changing to a promising new venture of the capitalistic city. This place have developed from an outskirts city suburban ghetto to a growing business/commercial district area though a little shady but hey we got ourselves a shopping mall, that gotta count for something. Now we have the rich folks next door playing in their golf clubs and yes we might join them too so we are no longer one of the lower class citizen but we are still doing their dirty works that might seem morally wrong or illegal in some cases but hey who doesn’t want to hit a few balls with a stick and see our money falls from the pockets of our victims. We are the middle society, a little fucked up but kind hearted.

This is my generation’s woes. A confession of a generation that grew up in a great confusion between Hatred and Love. A Generation that faces the reality of immediate danger while feed dreams of a beautiful lie while the concept of Love is whored like a prostitute in a Jail. A generation that has been sucked into the rituals of family television gatherings to let our brain washed by the dreamy illusion of fame, wealth and the idea of a perfect idol that is beyond the ordinary physique or their fictitious personalities. A generation that has been taught success is in the materialistic possessions while growing your own foods is deemed old fashion and the status of such occupations is often look down upon because you don’t need to be smart to be a farmer, anyone can grow things with a small amount of gardening knowledge.

Yet the percentage of human population that actually grow their own food or even grow anything remotely useful and not just for decorative measures is less than the previous era. How do you expect less than a million farmers to feed more than 7 billion hungry customers? It is no surprise that such genetic modifications of our food is occurring, we were too busy trying to chase our dream car, dream house and dream life like how we see family television screens that most of us don’t really care what is on our plate. I don’t need to know who planted these vegetables and honestly I don’t care how retard the cow I’m eating was, as long as it tastes delicious and fills my starving stomachs.

Fuck Everything. I was given a fucked up world with false promises and they blame us for being fucked up. Fuck you. Fuck them. Fuck Everyone. Fuck it all. Eat to survive. Drink to Forget. Fuck for pleasure. Take that Drugs and stick your head on these screens and distract yourself. Cause we are all doomed. They say you are what you eat, in that case we are a mutated Cow with chicken feathers and a fish head on the way to the slaughterhouse. And for those vegetarians/vegans, they’re nothing more than dead plants. Fuck Everything.

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