The Devil & The Angel





  The Devil and The Catholic Schoolgirl

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The light from the unveiled moon shines brightly through the open window balancing the luminescence of the wide and beautifully decorated chamber with the dimly lit aromatic candles. All these details are futile for the main attraction of the room lies in the middle of the bed, where a man and a teenage girl are performing the ancient ritual of the spiritual entanglement. Ignorant to everything else except for the activity that is taking place between them. He holds her vulnerable smooth skin with his strong, muscular arms as his lips skimming across her eyebrows and around her ears before nibbling on her earlobes. He slowly put his lips on her neck and sucks his way down to the collarbone and back up again towards her chin. He gave a little bite on her lips before knotting his tongue with hers.

After a small kiss on her nose, he looks into her beautiful ocean-blue eyes as his hands brushed through her long golden blonde curly hair and unto the back of her brassiere. He slowly unhooks them and ripped it off her with his teeth like a wild hungry wolf. She could not help but to give a little laugh. He glides his hands across her body as his lip begins to make its way down from her collarbone through her clevis and underneath her perfectly carved and firmed breast. His lip kisses her breast in a rotating vortex towards her nipples. He gave great patience and self control from rushing straight for the main prize of her sharp pointy milky tits and instead he just circles in a teasing motion around them. Her pleasurely annoyed hands grab his head and guided his lips towards her nipples.

As his lip busy praising her breast, his hands was on a serious mission of unlocking her satin panties and fiddling through the mouth of her secret heaven between her thighs. His lips continue making its way down through her strong sweaty torso and gave a lick around her belly button before resuming its journey towards her thighs. His lips kiss the side of her thighs and the mouth of her heaven. His nose skimmers against her delicate skin of her vulva as his tongue breeched into her wet, turgid flesh canal. At the final moment of his deliberate kisses, her back sprung into an archway as she weeps with grateful ecstasy.

His lips return to her lips as he stares into her eyes, she could feel a burning sensation between her thighs. She could feel the enormous, blood-gorged pole of muscle entering her body giving a thrusting and unbelievable pleasure that made her gasp.

She hung her arms around his neck and wrapped her upper thighs trying to hold on with the movement of his body. In the most pleasurable ways, he was savagely torturing and arching her wet sticky pelvis to a degree that she never had experience before.

Harder and harder until for the first time of the night she reached a shattering climax as her thighs were now over flowing with the crawly flood of his semen.

The man lay back on the pillows and lights up a cigarette grinning with his accomplishment while the girl tightly wraps her legs around his body. The man looks at her and smiles.

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The mobile phone on the bedside table rings and the man turns around to pick it up. The screen displays the name Neil Adam and the picture of him passed out on the boobs of some black prostitute identifying that it was him who was calling the phone.

‘Hello Neil?’ answered the man.

‘Hey Lucy, could we meet up for some beers, man? I had a long day and just need someone to unwind with,’ said Neil on the other end.

‘Is it Tristan again? Yeah sure I’ll meet you at the World’s End in half an hour,’ said the man.

‘Aite, thanks Satan.’

‘No problem,’ said the Devil as he hangs up the phone and turns back to the girl on his side.

‘So you’re leaving huh?’ said the girl as she lights up a cigarette of her own.

‘Yeah, I’m sorry love but I have gotta go and meet my mates down at the pub.’

‘So you gonna just fuck me and leave me huh? Typical Demonic acts,’ said the girl. ‘Go ahead Lucifer but remember if you leave me now don’t expect me to be here when you return. I know a lot of other Demons and Angels who would love to tap this ass. Remember your brother, Michael? I heard his last whore died of orgasms. Maybe I should go over and get my fix there instead.’

‘That is ridiculous. Angels have no private parts. They got no sexual organs to be having sex with anyone,’ said Lucifer, the Devil in a joking manner as he puts on his clothes.

‘Oh is that why I can’t feel a thing just now. A Fallen Angel huh? ’ said the girl as she took out a Brontosaurus-Shape vibrator from the drawer of the bedside table. ‘More like, Can’t Get It Up Angel.’

‘Now why do you have to say hurtful things to me? Mary, you know I love you but my friend is facing some problems with his suicidal brother,’ said the Devil. ‘I’ve got to be there for my mates.’

‘What about my problem huh? I’m fucking the Devil for crying out loud and I expected more sex than this,  plus I deserve more respect and recognition from your Demon crowds but no they look at me like I’m just some sex slaves of yours,’ shouted Mary. ‘Am I just some whore to you, Lucy?’

‘Of course not, my love. You’re not one of those skank I pick up by the streets,’ said the Devil as he holds Mary’s hands and gazed into her teary eyes. ‘I felt in love with you from the very first time I spied on you masturbating in the confession booth at the church in your Catholic school.’

Lucifer kisses Mary’s lips with a fiery passion as his hand grabs the dinosaur-shape vibrator beside her and shoved it up her asshole. He then skims his lips and brushes his goatee down her sweaty body and licks her wet vagina while turning on the vibrator.

‘Okay fine. You can go and see Neil,’ said Mary in a distracted by pleasure voice as she began to prepare a line of cocaine on the Holy Bible that was lying on the bedside table.  ‘Dont forget to buy some groceries on the way back and remember to pick up a bag of meth, cocaine and a bottle of Angel Dust from Pastor Perry too. We’re running low on them.’

‘Mary, I thought you were quitting meth,’ said the Devil in a disappointing manner.

‘Oh yeah, I forgot,’ said Mary as she snorted the line of coke on the Holy Bible while a dinosaur-shaped vibrator buzzing away in her arsehole. ‘Just the coke and Angel Dust then.’

‘Okay fine. What kind of Angel Dust are we talking about here? The one from the Black Priest who has to stuff an angel with a whole load of drugs until every inch of his body even his wings is nothing more than just mind altering substances? Or the one where they forcefully cremate an angel in the psychedelic brew of Babylonian Fire? ’ asked the Devil genuinely.

‘Oh I didn’t know there was a second type of Angel Dust. I’ve never tried Angel Wing version. If you can find it bring back both,’ said Mary as she took the vibrator out from her anus and stuff it up her vagina.

‘Alright then darling,’ said the Devil as he gives a goodbye kiss on Mary forehead. ‘See you later.’

Mary, who was already in another euphoric dimension as the dinosaur-shape vibrator ejaculating a dose of mescaline into her vagina, completely ignored the fact that the Devil has burst into flame and vanished into thin air.  Yet again, such display is no longer a surprise for her.


                                 The Angel and The Prostitutes

‘What good is your life here?’ said the old women unconvincingly to the young and frightened group of girls cramped in the back compartment of the truck. ‘Back here there is no good jobs for girls, no decent men and no parents to support you. We giving you a better life moving down south, just be brave and take a chance.’ She continued as the truck slowly slips across the security border in the stealth of the dark night and thick jungle. The girls look at each other in fear but yet a glint of hope of a better life than what they had back in their village. Most of these girls had the same tragic background. Many lost the family to a debt with a tyrant. Many were tricked by young handsome boys into this journey. And many were uneducated except one. Her name was Tata. She was a well educated girl who like many others lost her way due in a lover’s affair. She sat there huddled close against another girl wondering the same thing everyone in the truck was wondering. What have I done?

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Throughout the night they had been driving before they finally stop. The door banged open as two big men in unfashionable clothes steps to escort the young girls down. Tata slowly shivers down the truck despite the beautiful sunrise over the distant seaside she wasn’t feeling to hopeful of the events yet to occur. One of the man who Tata assumes to be the driver as he was holding the keys lead the pack of hungry and tired girls onto a trail that takes them deeper into the jungle. The girls hurried through the thick bushes cutting through their delicates skins. It wasn’t long before they approach a small clearing in the middle of the forest where a Man whose face was lost the smoke sits calmly on the front of his car which was parked next to a white van where another two brutal looking guys stands.

‘You’re late,’ said the Man in an accent Tata did not recognized.  The Man was wearing white suits with golden necklace and watch made to flaunt his status of wealth.  In Tata’s mind such a handsome face as this man with his amazing sense of self presentation should have been the perfect model as a gentleman and maybe he was. Tata knew she was no longer in the land where she used to call home; she had finally crossed over into the land of opportunities. ‘Come on hurry up. Stand in line my master wants to take a look at you,’ order the driver. The girls drag their feet and dusty clothes to form a line.

The Man started to walk down the line and momentarily pause at each girl to evaluate their rates. As the Man nears Tata, he gave a smile which forces her heart to pound out of her chest.

He looks at her with great interest taking his time as he circles her before standing back in front of the line next to the driver. The Man whispered to the driver and the driver shouted, ‘Take off your clothes!’ The girls stared at each other in shock. They had been promise a good job of cleaning offices, nursing kids and selling dresses. None of them was ready for this and none of them moves or want to believe what they had just heard.

‘Do you hear me? I say take off your clothes before I take it out for you,’ shouted the driver once again.

One of the girls begins to cry and this pisses off the driver who walked over to her with heavy footsteps and slaps her face giving shockwaves to her fragile body and letting her fall down to her knees. She scurries on the dirt as the man tries to grab her blouse and rips it open. She pushes him away with her knees and stumbles to get up. The driver gave her a vicious kick before she finally gave up and fall. He tore the clothes out of her back and pulls her back on her feet. She stands there frightened with her arms across her breasts. He pulls down the skirts and tore off her underwear.

He gave a sharp stare at the other girls and one by one, they quickly fumbles on their buttons, peeling off their shirts, unzipping their skirts and pants.

‘Quickly now, take everything off! Why are you bitches so slow!’ shouted the Driver as he circles the group of scared girls while the older women stood next to the Man in white suits discussing the matters of transactions.

The line of naked girls shivers and they hugged their own body trying to cover their exposed skins as the Man in white walks up and down the line checking his new products. He thoroughly inspects every single breasts with a firm squeeze that made some of the girls squealed and uses his walking stick to spread the legs of the girls as he violently molest each of their crotch while inserting his middle fingers into their vagina which made the girls sobs silently.

When he reached to Tata, he nearly lost his ring on his fingers when he penetrated her tight virgin pussy which bleeds onto his hand. He looks at her and smile showing his perfect white teeth with four golden incisors.

‘I’ll test this one out,’ said the Man to the elder woman.

With those words Tata’s life has turn from a nightmare to a living hell as the Man pushes down to her knee while the other girls stand watching in the line next to her. He unzips his pants and let his penis dangles in front of Tata’s quivering lips.

She shrieks away in disgust but the Man’s firm hands around her throat made her gag open her mouth. The Man thrusts his penis into Tata’s choking mouth as he whispered in her ears, ‘Suck it, you little bitch or I’ll break your scrawny little neck!’

Tata unwillingly sucks his penis as the tears rolled down her cheeks. The man penis began to erect in the back of her neck making her choke for air. ‘Good! The rest of you, down on your knees and open your mouth, now!’ said the man in a soft polite manner to the other girls on the line who obediently does as told. He took his penis out of Tata mouth before sticking it into the mouth of the girl next to her as he makes his way to every single one of them in the line. Tata spits out the sticky fluids from her mouth and buried her faced down to the ground not wanting to see the atrocities being done beside her. ‘Oh God, please help us..Save us,’ she prayed beneath her breath as she began to weeps.

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The Man finishes the line of girls with his force blowjobs before turning back toward Tata with his erected penis dripping of saliva of the seven different girls. He pulled Tata by her hair from the ground and whispered casually into her ears, ‘There is no God! I should know..’

He throws the weeping girl to the ground on her back and forced apart her thighs. She closes her eyes shut as the man’s engorging member penetrated her flesh in a sharp sensation of pain with the strange mixture of pleasure. The Man slams his hips against her pelvic like an angry bull banging against a small cage as Tata’s fist pounding hard against the dirt and punching against her violator while screaming at the top of her lungs for help.

After a few more thrust of his pelvic, she was beginning to feel a sense of euphoric pleasure before feeling incredibly hornier than she has ever felt in her life. From hitting her rapist to wrapping her arms around him making sure he doesn’t leave until she reaches her own climax.

The girls who were in the line beside her too was having a change of heart towards the situation, as they wipe the essence of his cock from their mouth there was a sense of sweetness that leaves an addictive craving for more. They stare at the man humping Tata away on the dirt next to them and found themselves turned on by the scene.

Their hands which once covered their breast and crotches from embarrassments are now slowing making motions of sexual interest.  The girls grabbed their own breasts and circled their nipples as Tata screams turn from pain to joy, they rubbed their own crotches before inserting their own fingers and began pleasuring themselves to the Man’s actions.

Soon they found themselves crawling toward the Man like a swarm of horny zombies hungry for the Man’s cock.


The Man turns around seeing the girls surrounding him and Tata, all craving and fighting for his penis of pleasure.  He smiled as he pulls out of Tata’s wet tight vagina and began standing back on his feet. Tata who was unsatisfied by this action grab a hold onto his cock as the other naked girls began to tear apart  his trousers and suits from his body.




The man unbuttons his shirts and said in a plain tone ‘From now on, you will all be known as The Whores of Michael’  With a flash of illumination radiating from the man inner core, his clothes disintegrated into ashes revealing a perfectly sculpted body of man with a handsome face as the golden chain stood adorning his majestic figure. On his back was the whitest and the most grandeur of wings that an Angel being  could ever had as his whores wrapped their body around his legs while Tata lips still attached to his dick. It was a picture that only the great masters of paintings in the Renaissance Europe could have painted.

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