The Red Chair

I am not lost,
I sat on this red chair that will be the stage for me onto the world,
As the dancing clowns trained to entertain the polite ways of your progressive notions.
I sat on this red chair,
Not because my legs are tired from the burden of your lies that handed over unwillingly to me,
No, it is not because of the words that resonates your political ideas of a none existence of freedom that weights on the walking feet paced as a machine tracks of your society ,
No, not that either.
I sat on this red chair,
In this heavily congested with the wondering souls of your system,
Because I choose to sit here.

Here on the red chair,
is the place that i could fulfilled my purpose of existence,
To question on my existence.
Is to question my identity.
Who am I?

I am a man in the crowd,
I am a woman in the crowd,
I am the crowd.
I am you and me,
Him and her,
I am everyone and no one.
I am nobody.
I am the seeker and reader of your fates,
my presence in your life will be poisoned by the simple actions of my uncaring arms.

I am the puzzler of your riddled thoughts,
which swarms by the backwards subconscious medium of subliminal mind controlling media of your commercialized informations.
I am the man travelling in fairytale of your secured life,
and add no changes but yet makes your thinking impaled by my mere mentions of your existance.

I am the ever changing but yet constant,
I am the ever living but yet always dying.
I never existed at all.
I am in your mind,
I am your opposite and your equal.
Shadows was my past and the light is always my future.

I sit on this red chair,
because no one else will.
Nobody wish to stand out in this grey world,
Nobody really cares,
And in every negative spaces there would be me,
I am your Yang.
I am your Yin.
I am the balance to the scale of the universe properties.
I am here because of you..
Because you too are apart of this expanding universe,
thus you are me.
So I am nobody.
Mr nobody will I always be.

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