(Man walks into the spotlight on an empty stage with a knife in his hand)

Man :
Here is much to do with hate, but more with love.
Why then O’ brawling love, O’ loving hate.
O’ anything of nothing but first create.
The bloody stains on my hands are washed a thousand times with great Neptune’s ocean,
But rather seas incarnadine than clean from my hands.
My mind is filled with treason and plot,
The sins I’ve done played over and over again in my head.
Trap in a prison I could not break free.
Here in my hand a poison ought to kill a thousand men, (holding up the knife)
O’ happy dagger, This is thy sheath,
There rust and let me die,
If die is to sleep,
To sleep- perchance to dream.
Then let me sleep,
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,
I’ll be prepared to take.

(He slits his wrist and fall onto the ground. A few minutes later Jack walks into the stage talking on his cell phone and tripped over Man.)

Jack :
What fowl is this?
To make a mockery fool out of me. (getting up)
Why if is not a lying beggar,
A bleeding lying beggar? (he investigate the man)
Are you alright?
Where’s the harm done upon you?
Please speak to me.
I have to take you to the medic. (he began to carry the man)

Man :
Don’t touch me!! (Jack steps back)
Leave me to my doings.

Jack :
What? Are you okay? Where is your injuries?

Man :
I’m not hurt.

Jack :
Then why is there blood around you?

(Three girls walks in)

Girl 1 :
Good sir, what spell hath been cast upon this man?

Jack :
I do not know. He refuse to tell, miss.

Girl 2 :
Ah..Why does he lies in a pool of blood?

Girl 3 :
Is he hurt?

Jack :
I’m unsure, miss. He seems to be hurt but he claim to be fine.

Girl 3 :
Have you check him for any signs of injury?

Jack :
No, he would not let me touch him.

Girl 2 :
Perhaps, he needs a feminine persuasion.

Girl 1 :
Let me try. (she bends down to the man)
Hello there young master. What is the reason for your strange behaviour?

Man :
Why, three of the fairest sprites I’ve seen, wandering off away from the safety of Oberon’s lair, here asking the state of my health. I’m flattered. It is not my health but rather my thoughts that’s in concern.

Girl 2 :
What is troubling your thoughts, sir?

Man :
A secret.

Girl 3 :
A secret?

Man :
Yes, a secret.
A knowledge I should have not possessed.
Now that information is my curse.

Girl 3 :
What is this knowledge you speak of?

Man :
If I tell you, my burden would be yours too.
I do not wish to do so. Now please sweet angels leave me here to rot.

Girl 2 :
How bizzare.

Jack :
I’ve warn you, miss. He is not in the right state of mind.

(enters Duke)

Duke :
Excuse me there people, can you guide me to… O’ my god, what happen to this man?

Jack :
I’m not certain my lord.
Its seems he possessed a knowledge that feared him to not to move.

Duke :
What is this knowledge that fear him?

Jack :
He refuse to tell, sir.

Duke :
Young man, what is it that troubles you? (crouching to the man)

Man :
My lord, sorry if I’m being rude but I cannot tell you my troubles.

Duke :
Do you not know who I am? I’m the authority of this city.
I have the rights to know the trouble of my people.

Man :
I cannot tell you.

Duke :
Well then you ought to know that you’re breaking the law by creating a traffic and disturbing the peace of the city. I could have my men arrest you. Now please, either move of tell me your secrets.

Man :
I’m sorry.


Duke :
Well then, you leave me no choice. (Clown dances unto the stage)
Fool, yes you, get me the guards.

Clown :
Me? Okay. But if you wish to use your guards upon him is will be no use.

Duke :
What do you mean? Do you know this man?

Clown :
Know him, Don’t know him.
Let say;
There was once live a man,
Who is a slave to a strange ritual,
Twice a week his wrist is damn,
But he and death was never mutual.
His knowledge is something you desire,
But once you do, your life will never expire.

Jack :
Do you know his knowledge?

Clown :
I may look like a fool but even a fool would know that an immortal life is a curse.
I’ll get you your guards, sir. (clown dances and exits the stage)

Jack , Girls (1,2,3) :
An immortal life? Everlasting Beauty.

Duke :
I could rule forever. A curse? Bullocks.

Jack, Duke, Girls :
Tell us your secret.
Tell us the knowledge you possessed.

Man :
Alright. But don’t say I didn’t warned you. My secret, the knowledge I have is……..

(a loud shriek, and blinding lights)
(Everyone stunned and falling down.)

Jack :
O’ from this time forth,
My thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth!!

(Everyone lies down. Man stands up and walks off stage)



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