Elderly Beauty

A woman of age that twice the days that I had lived on this earth strutted her way along in the most majestic posture that bolds her laid back elegance. The tropical sun shines brightly piercing through the silhouettes of the clouds and overgrown branches of the plants that brightened the area with the calming green luminance that sways with the cool breezy winds of smoked filled air. The sunshine dances on her golden skin of perfection as her body moves subconsciously to the beat of the rhythm of the funky jazzy symphony that echoes from my broken down old laptop. What a blessing sight it is for this naive melancholic sod to view such a beautiful creature? How did this young stubborn boy gain such luck to even be in the presence of this angel? She was and is perfectly beautiful in every detail from her small delicate frame of a body to the worn down with experience skins but yet she proudly wore them the beauty of her forgotten golden days. Nevertheless they still holds firmly the strength of an everlasting beauty which is now covered only by the simple clothing of a tied-dye silk dress which bolds beautifully her sexy curves. Her shoulder length hair was damp by a recent wash from the daily swim in salty seas as the light hazel brown highlights begins to mirror the shine of the sun as she passes into the garden of mundane routine. Her big brown eyes that hold the misery and beauty of her souls hide behind the stylish hippy sunglasses which balance warily on her sharp button nose. Her lips were in the washed out peach color but yet so sweet and tempting for this young man to crave for a kiss from those peaches. Her face was so adored by happiness in her youth is now shadowed over the disappointments of life. Here is a soul that had the decent value and a fine piece of mind with the most beautiful heart and beauty to share in her young days but oh the world can be such a cruel battlefield when a colorful butterfly like her could be eaten by the simplest predators. After years of her souls and inner shines being slowly consumed along with her beauty, that is when she said she feels the pain. She would never fall in love again. How unfortunate for this starving writer who has already caught under her spell.

A woman walks away with her daughter, the successor of her beauty, while the world blind to see their simple beauty.

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