College Assignment : Career Reflection – FICTIONAL WRITER

IntroductionThe definition of an Author is often widely accepted as a writer of a written work but best defined as a person who gave existance to anything or an originator of an idea and whose authorship that hold responsibility for the creation. (Magill, Frank N. ,1974).  Fictional Authors are responsibles for composing short stories, plays and novels with the tools of imaginary characters, events and facts. Writers or Authors have been a very essential part of a community throughout histories, from creating fictional tales that subtly shows the tragedy and lifestyle of a their times as how Shakespeare’s plays often do hides, giving an insight of a focused group of the society that often shrugged by the community such as Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, showing the harsh cold reality of a glorified situations as how many of Ernest Hemingways works often focus upon, or even creating a whole world of possibilities and fantasies which often been in the focused of many writers from JRR Tolkien, Douglas Adams and many more.

Writers are generally a one man team operation or works in a very limited group of selected individuals to ensure complete control of the idea. A specific ideal publication is often set as the writers goal as he began writing, with a immense amount of research on the particular topic  and a long tedious time consuming hours of compiling the informations into a single form of an original work. The work would then be submitted to the publishers for evaluation on its market purchase possibilities and once approved their works will be printed to the public. Often writer tends to sell the ideas and stories for their new work to the publishers before the begin the actual writing, this is to avoid putting a great time on something that wouldnt be able to be published.  Often the first time writers would have the luxury of selling their ideas to the publishers and thus many young writers often struggles to sucess.

To become a fiction writer, there are no formal educational requirements needed. All it takes to become great are the practising and perfecting their skills and technique of writing and a widely expanding range of imagination. In addition, the main quality need in a writer is the focus, patience and determination to a single work without distractions for a long period of time. Most writers spend a great deal of their time to expose themselve into different style and techniques of writing by reading other writers works. Though a writer has no need for a formal educational requirements but it is highly recommended that a young writer to finish high school and attend a liberal arts institutions with a respectable English Department that would help to refine their research skills and expose a broader and in depth look at the writing techinques and the world of literature. As a writer working expriences are not at all relative towards publishing a book but it is highly acknowledgeable in the literacy world that general expriences of life would often enhance the understanding of the writer on particular subjects. So in conclusion, a writer doesnt necassarily need a job expriences that is related to writing but best to have an job  exprience of any kind to truly understand the society and general public.


From the results of the RIASEC test in Lesson 2, i could evalute my interest in future occupation. With a RIASEC code of 1-6-13-0-3-1, it is a high evidence that my choices and interest for a career revolves around the artistic appreciation of expressive nature. The choices made in the activity provided in the lesson shows a starkling tendency to options that highly abstract in nature of the statement. The choicest made is less technical and more expressive in manner. The Likes are often towards Artistic Expressionism and the Dislikes are often towards the Rules of Instructing Routines or physical works. It is also understood that my motivation and purpose of finding a career is to find a job that excites my creativity skills and a deep value in finding aesthetics appreciation from the society.

This results could easily be seen in my choice of a career as a fictional writer. The aspects of becoming a Fictional Writer that really interest me is the oppurtunity to tell a story of truth that entwined with my expression of my imagination. To truly explore the depth of my creative mind and note it all down onto written words for the sole purpose of communicating my perspective views of the reality, beliefs and understanding of the social norms to the general public is also a great aspect of becoming a fictional writer  that fuels my interests. Just to have a single reader or listener to the stories that i have created in my minds are one of the greatest reward i could even find in becoming a fictional writer. In addition to inspiring generations of young minds and changing the ways of society’s behavior towards a certain elements of life are quite a tantalizing rewards of becoming a reknown fictional writer.  Last but least of the aspects and rewards of becoming a famous writer is the security of an immortal after life when your name will always be remembered alongside your novels, though this aspect is least confessed in many writers but its almost every human desire to be immortalized even after death.

From evaluating and comparing my RIASEC code with the criteria of my chosen career, it made it easier for me to understand my choicest and whether i could fit the criteria of becoming a fictional writer. The results of my RIASEC code shows a corresponding values of becoming a writer, my choices disliking rules and directions plus the interest shown in arts, conceptual thinking of abstract content goes along with many of the values that a fictional writer would need. The RiASEC code comparisson also shows a few values which are lacking in me that is important to ensure a better future as a fictional writer. The values that is has to give in need of development in myself which would benefit my comfort with my chosen career are lack of structure interest and socializing values. I would need to develop a higher structure lifestyle in order to ensure the discipline neeed to focus on writing a book without distractions of procrestination. The socializing values in myself should be develop as well in order to have a agreeable relationship with the publishers and as well to understand the general public demands which both would ensure a easy selling work that speaks to the public and accept by the terms of publishers. This two developments would definately ensure a higher chances of sucess in the literature industry.


Analysis of my results from the Leonard’s Personality Inventory short test shows the characteristics of an ‘Openess Swan’ that has the personalities of an impulsive decision makings, a tendancy for the novelty of creative bliss and none structured environments. My personality ‘bird’ also shows the characteristic of my personality that dislikes in cooperating works for there is a high importance in searching freedom and fun in order to stop the tendancy of boredom in me. The results of the personality short test has an amazing accurency in describing my personalities which i would normally overshadow it.

From understanding the areas of my personality there is a few criteria which fits perfectly with my job choice of a writer. My personality of a search for freedom and fun with the addition of novelty addiction fits perfectly with the aspect of being a fictional writer who task is to desribe the struggle for the beauty of life in the most unusual ways. This Bohemian values is important in writers whos task in society as a source of knowledge and truth of the beauty of the world, though without this personality an individual can still become a writer but very unlikely to be accepted as a fictional writer. This personality in many ways add the human qualities and element in the work which without it would be dull. Another personality that fits perfectly with the criteria of becoming a fictional writer is the tendency to seek the narcotic moment of an absolute creative bliss where nothing else matters but the focused imagination of that specific time. This personality would add an aspect of perfectionism in the work in hand thus ensuring the quality of the arts written. This personality is only able with the right passion towards the proper subject.

Other aspect of my personalities that are not exactly suitable with my chosen career of being a fictional writer is the value of high tendency of boredom and the impulsive behaviours. With a personality of easily bored would distract my attention in focusing on a single subject of literature work, thus having the habit of countless  uncompleted works and could even lead to incapble of finish to complete a full assignment by the publishers. This personality would really jeopardize my relationship with the publishers and could even lose all credibility of a respectable reputation. The other personality that would be negative towards my choice of career is the impulsive behaviours of decision making, though this is closely in relation to the tendency of boredom but an impulsive behaviour is actually far worse for my choice of career. In fact impulsive behaviours has a higher negtive values even in life for i might jump tracks and choices even in career. In the aspect of being a writer, an implusive behaviour could easily see as a negative personality because one could easily change the style of writing or even content of the book more than once and it would lead to a total confusion in the readers.

This two corresponding negative personality traits that could jeopardize my sucess in the chosen career are easily fixed with a simple tool of adaption. The personality traits of easily bored and impulsive behaviour could easily be seen in many of the previous famous fictional writers such as Edgar Allen Poe and Douglas Adams. This two great minds have the tendency of procrastinations when dealing with their publishers and often changes their subject of story without much second thought. In Edgar Allen Poe’s case, he has reduced the chances of confusion in his written works by keeping it to a minimun structures of Short Stories writing. Thus overcoming his personality traits. In the case of Douglas Adam’s impulsive behaviour, he has cleverly added his negative traits to a unique style of story telling in the most random manners.  Douglas Adams has adapted his impulsive behaviour into a random style of writing. In many ways, the two negative personality traits should not be a hurdle for accomplishing the dreams of becoming a published fictional writer but rather the catylst to explore deeper into the new techniques of literature.


From the results of the skills checklist in Lesson 5, the skills I posses was skills thats involves the action of making something new such as composing, creating, designing, developing, originating and fabricating skills which are essentials skills in the chosen career of Fictional Writers. Without these skills, the ideas and content of that particular writer would be lacking in originality. The results also shows skills that i possesed was skills that involves the action of finding the origin of an idea such as the identifying skills, founding, evaluating, defining and analyzing skills which would help the writer to truly appreciate the origin of an idea and innovate from there.  Thus the next set of skills that would benefit a writer is the skills which the results also stated is in my possesion is the set of skills that involves the action of innovating an old idea such as expanding, improving, inventing, modifying, editing and correcting skills. These skills would help the writer to take an old idea and recreate it to an upgraded version of the old idea. The skills checklist also shows other sets of skills that could benefit me in my chase for becoming a fictional writers such as travelling skills and reading skills that are useful but not really necassary for a writer.

With the results of my skills checklist and my understandings of the fictional writer’s skills criteria, it is safe to say that i posses the major set of skills required for becoming a publish author. The important skills required are met with a few additional set of skills that are benificial toward the career. Yet unfortunately there was a few skills that are lack in myself which are crucial in becoming a published fictional writer such set of skills as completing, deciding and enforcing. These three skills are important for with lack of completing skills a writer would almost certainly fail to finish writing a book. Deciding and Enforcing an idea is despretely needed in myself for without a proper enforcement of the decision my mind would never stick to a focused idea, hence procrastinates the work and thus failing to complete the work in hand. The sets of skills are really important for me to improve and develop to avoid any trouble and inconviences in the future of my career.

Other sets of skills which are not essential but would also help my career as a fictional writer is the skills of publishing, promoting, publicizing skills. With these additional skills i would be able to self publish my works without the constraint of a deadline or publishes protocal, plus there would be less censorships or third-party involvements in your writings, thus enabling a true natural form of your story and writings. The book would be exactly how the writer wished it to be potrayed. Promoting and publicizing skills are additional skills that are important to the publishing skills in order to ensure success in your self publishing book.


Evaluation of my Life Value Preferences shows a results that inclines to the values that are less materialistic values but rather values that related towards abstract rewards of recognitions and cultural or social impacts. These values that i posess often relates towards the characteristics of my personalities and interests in life. The values which are in my possesion towards life and career is that a job shouldnt be a mode of substaining your existance but rather a medium to celebrate these expriences of being alive. In life my values are not to chase the materialistic security of life but rather to explore the beauty and tragedy of life which often entwines with the expanding imagination and if at all possible note it all down for the future generation references of your cultural existances. Thus the sub-branched abstract values from helping one another and relationships with acquintances are important values for me as well.

Unfortunately these values that are so important for me would be neither fulfilled or unfulfilled with the choosen career path.  This statement is because as a writer the chances of all the important values to be fullfilled are highly unlikely. Most famous writers are often unappreciated with the respect the well deserverd and also the impacts of their writings which most writers value so much are only visible after the death of the writers.  Thus the values which are important to me and majority of writers are achievable to its greatest visiblity only after the death of the writer. Only in recent century that the proper appreciation of writers are given to a lucky few out of the countless writers. Even so the unlucky writers are still able to achieve their values in life but sadly would only be after death. it is a gamble of life values to become a fictional writer, one could go an entire life without seeing a single interest towards his writings but yet glorified and celebrated after death and one the other hand one could easily reap the benefits of his career and fulfilled his values in a single lifetime under the right conditions. Therefore unlike many other career and just like a fine art painter, a career as a writer could easily fulfilled all aspect of my life values or completely fail to accomplish even one. It is the greatest gamble of becoming a writer and understandble why many would find most writers as insane.

Eventhough i understand and ponder upon the gamble one would take into becoming a writer, i wouldnt have chosen any other career. A writer is an important spokeperson of a generation and though i would sacrifice many of my life comforts and values, i would rather bet it all for a higher chance of a proper interpretion of my generation instead of the bad reputation we are associated with. An unlogical choice to most people but i guess its just my perspective on life.

Values are gambled in the line of literature but one could still have a higher chances of winning the casino of life with an additional fresh perspectives of values into one’s life.  It could be considered as an act of selling out but with a proper moderation of a more materialistic and financial values, a writer to uses the values to motivate his needs to sell his books thus adding the chances of achieving his primary values. But a writer should learn to control his values of materialism to avoid straying away from the artistic values which would in effect lose the respects of certains generations.

In conclusion, to be come the greatest and most sucessful Fictional Writers that achieved all of his Values in one lifetime would need the act of moderating each and every aspect of his life from values, skills, and many more. To do so a human is almost inhuman in nature for humans are not perfect and thus contradicting the entire philosphy of writers. As a writers there are no fine line of right or wrong or a proper way of becoming a sucessful writers this is because the most sucessful writers are often the most uniquely unperfected human beings that speak truth in their imperfections. As a writer one gambles everything and thus the only real need of becoming a writer is to be fearless of losing everything for something that is uncertain. For me a career as a Fictional Writer is the most interesting and not properly understood or apprecriated by many. One could learn everything about literature but the expriences are far wilder and much more unique than what most imagine it will be. In my opinion, with a high tendency to be bored and a deep curiousity into the unknown has lead me to the favourable path of becoming a writer and though i know the dangers lies that ahead, i would rather take the road less taken.

note : The test and evaluation takes are given by the education institution. To see the tests and perhaps take it yourself do comment this post and i will send you a copy of them. Thank you.


Magill, Frank N. (1974). Cyclopedia of World Authors. vols. I, II, III (revised ed.). Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Salem Press. pp. 1–1973. [A compilation of the bibliographies and short biographies of notable authors up to 1974.]

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