Aphrodite’s Lovers

(On deck of a ship approaching the coast of Aphrodite. Levi Villette sits alone with his thoughts.)

Levi Villette :
Here I lie, doomed to be sober,
The darling image of an angel is gone forever.
My heart she owns with her sweet symphony,
I’ll give the world for her to be next to me.

(Sandro Balthazar and Jonas Devon  enters the deck)

Sandro Balthazar :
O’ tear apart thou crying woes,
Thee seeks for an answer from a lying fool.
Forget thou pain and sorrow,
Live today forget tomorrow.
The sun is out from its blanket clouds,
Enjoy the summer and SCREEeeaaaammm out loud…..

Jonas Devon :
That Sandro fool is right my worrying friend,
Put thou cries to a happy end.
A thousand miles away we are from home,
We’re in Aphrodite now, no longer in Rome.

Levi Villette :
How does one heals a wound he cannot see,
She was my flower and I was her bee,
She pierced my heart with her broken words.
Nothing in this world that could heal this hurt.
Sweet melody of her voice accompanied by fears,
Oh those words bring harms to my ears,
If my angel is now my villain,
Has I befriend the demons?

Sandro Balthazar :
The demon I may be,
For whatever reason that made me,
If I’m the demon, I made Rome my hell,
So go on and plead farewell,
For now Aphrodite awaits thee,
They worship the goddess of love and so should thee,
Speak of the angel no more,
Renascent a new man by the hit of the shore.
Time of moaning is long gone,
Levi Villette shall be reborn…

Levi Villette :
Nay, Levi Villette shall remain the same,
In love with an angel, Adrianna is the name.

Jonas Devon :
Argh….! A week long journey sick not by the sea,
Sicken by the name of thou broken love,
A feast a moment spoilt by a name,
You’re a victim to a losing game.
If one lets the heart to do the picking,
Then doom to your arts will be your waiting,
Heart has not eyes, hands or feet,
It knows not life, love it just beat,
Don’t give your to a maiden of fear,
She is a chimp without any ear,
Hears nothing but herself,
Takes everything from everyone else,
Broken hearts marks her path,
Why don’t thee let go of this angel’s wrath,
A new beauty shall be shown,
With a name yet unknown,
Dear Levi, I promise you this,
In Aphrodite you’ll find a new kiss,
You’ll live happily ever after,
Just like me and your sister. (Abigail enters)

Abigail :
Dear brother, listen to my sweet noble husband,
He speaks of truth, he speaks of life,
Sea of life he had thrive,
For that I’m glad to be his wife. (she kisses her husband)

Levi Villette :
My lovely sister, I’m happy for you,
But you cannot tell me not to love,
What happened to me never happened to any of you.
Imagine you lost your love,
You’ll mourn for moons,
Food would lose its taste,
Thirst not for wine,
Sleeping and dreaming is no longer bind,
Sacrifice your freedom for your love to be with you,
Nothing matters anymore in this world.

Abigail :
True, true,
But you had your time to mourn,
Now please forget her.

Sandro Balthazar :
Sweet Abigail.
Lose your breath not to this fool,
He thinks he has a women to woe,
But who?
Adrianna he never spoke to,
His first words was his last blow,
‘I love you’ before the word ‘hello’,
Blame yourself for speaking,
Words are not your talent, Levi.
Their mine.
You paint, you should paint her a love,
And perhaps she might say hello instead of no.

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