The Kill

I feel a surge of adrenaline sprung from the back of my mind and down my spinal cord radiating a warm waves that connects back to my arm causing the next actions possible. This warm feeling of anger and hate or any other suppress thoughts flooded out in an addictive rush of none filtration of the human conscious mind. This is why they do it. It is not just the feeling of a triumph over a perfectly executed plan, its the warm flowing bloods of your victim. No it is the warmth. The warmth of turning a haunting fantasy of the mind into a reality of pure pleasurable moment. That is why we kill. That is why I kill. I could feel it now. A momentary bliss of inter-dimensional awareness of each details of your surrounding environment. It is the closest any human being able to truly understand the meaning of Life and Death.

The puddle of blood in the mashed up porridge of bones and flesh where the face used to be. The irritating face of sick boils, Oh i see your face no more. I see your eyes no more, Those Judgmental eyes that you so often focus upon this innocent creature that is tortured by your glaring pressure of your ideology of a perfect human society. No more eyes for you to judge my dear friend. Your lips bruised and torn like a tissue in the rotting sewers. Your lips will speak no more, I hear your words no more. No more lies of your fear-fueled medias that so often whisper the intoxicating songs of the ignorance. No more of those. I stare at the filth on the floor and into the deep red sea of nature. Into the blood, I stare and from the blood, I understand. I understand the power that drives my actions. Its the nature of our blood hunger past. We crave blood more that other animals. Worse than the Vampires, Men has become. 


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