Imagining Jah

Let me tell you how I feel today. As you read this imagine the deep bass of a soul-filled dark-skin brotha drumming his heart out as my halfcast sista crying out her misery and sorrows on the mic as her naturally big dreaded afro taking each and every  impacts of  her emotional-filled body movement. Imagine the sounds of the funk echoing through every atomic structure of the words I’m about to tell you. Imagine the scenery of a brightly orange sun piercing through the dark grey clouds of the rainy season which moves the green plants in a dancing motion with the beats of the rhythm of life. Imagine the winds constantly washing each surface of your skins keeping it cool from the sweating lifestyle of the planet’s equator climate. Imagine my long hair kite-ing along with the sways of existences releasing the rainbow dust of my influence from the Rastafarian spiritual enlightenment to the quantumized probability of an alternate dimensional parallel reality and also the historical importance of social related artistic and revolutionary philosophy. Imagine my hair is exactly how I am planning to keep, imagine the colours of Jah ribbonned to three of the octopus legs of my dreadlocks with my Lincoln-styled facial hairs filtering the with wisdom of time.

Imagine my pipe of self-carved markings releases smokes that veil my aged face of despair and content. Imagine my loosed but fit-cut pants made of hemp sweeps the floor that my bare feet steps on. Imagine my old tie-dyed green v neck shirt flutters with the wind thus adding the muscular impacts of my sacred temple, of my body that reflects with the sunlight giving a momentary scene that could only be found in the most bad ass Vertigo graphic novels. Imagine waking up feeling like a real man, a man of intelligence and spiritual awakened that slithers words of philosophical values while blessed with the creative bliss of an aesthetic nature. Imagine being a man of mother earth, Gaia by ensuring that every single action you took was in the effort of surviving without further hurting the planet and even helps to recover the betrayal of our human species ignorance. Imagine being a man who finally learned to be at peace with both sides of the balance. On the very middle way of life in the circle of Yin and Yang where Osiris and Isis often meet to show nothing more than love for the opposite nature and though they often clashes in a violent debates, they are nothing without the other. Imagine being a man of both of these worlds. Imagine being a man who has everything he needs and ask for nothing more. Imagine being satisfied and happy.

Even though the black hole of greed in your heart can’t be stop but we could always divert this greed into being a motivation for greater achievement by always being thankful of everything you have. Not just in the materials thing but in the most important aspects of a human life such as the love and affection from your fellow species and respects of our fellow animal cousins. From the trust of your mates to the love of your families and of course the warm lips of your companion whether it be in the same gender or opposite. Imagine having a beautiful daughter who reflects everything good in your life and a son who reminds you to be strong in the journey of life. Imagine being in the best of homes, not in a humungous mansions of distant mountains but rather a simple comfortable medium size house near to nature and every material of the building circulates the chi of life in the most creative mannered. Imagine waking up to a beautiful wife to kiss, a cup filled of the hot tea or coffee (whatever suits your preference) while smoking a legalized cannabis joint and eating the freshly fried eggs and bacons as you watch the television where the only negative sort of news is that Justin Timberlake is bringing Sexy Back with the completely nude Britney Spears at the age of 65. Now I know that this is still a terrible news but hey imagine there is no more War, no more extremist, no crisis, no more financial trouble, and no more evil. I think seeing Justin trying to do a robot dance with his walking stick while Britney Spears saggy boobs sweeping across the floor is a small price to pay for world peace. Besides not as if there is some sort of bitch singing about Friday or some crazy Korean old man shouting Oppa Gangam style at girls butt had ever existed in my reality. Now imagine that sort of happy reality.

Imagine. Imagine living in the world where there is no more hate, where artistic and intellectual works are praised, where the radio is filled with countless variety of amazing music, where television is filled with awe-inspiring mediums instead of shits that make you blind and dumb, imagine every scientist is given the respect they deserve, imagine a world where no one give two shit about rich white blond bitches anymore instead the paparazzi swarms the beautiful revolutionaries. Imagine the perfect world. Imagine being a part of this world. Imagine being a happy father of a fine family in this peaceful world. Imagine ONE LOVE.


Imagine. Imagine is all that I could do today. No it is not easy for us to survive in this world right now. No I am not who I want to be, no I am not yet happy with my life but guess what? I am struggling for it, everyday I fight for the peaceful world of my mind, everyday I hope for the survival of human spirits to endure, everyday I pray for a change for the kindness of the heart to control the hates. Every day, I imagine of a better world. Who I am today can’t be what I am tomorrow. Today you look at me and walk away in the most negative judgemental stares but I don’t blame you for it. I pity you. You dress so fine in your royal gown given to you by your chain masters while you act so big and important but while you whipping your backs to pay your debts, I will walk away freely. I am not bound to the walls that you had laid your bricks on; I am as free as the dust. Though today you see me as a garbage but I know where I came from, the living skins of my mother earth is this dust belong to, and like a dust I shall return to her but having my blissful moment of floating in her adventures winds. Unfortunately, you will never understand this feeling for you are a brick while I am a dust. I am Stardust. But even a brick can erode into dusts with the right condition. I know where I am today. I know what happiness is and I know what I will have to do to earn that peace and I know that I will give my everything to achieve it. That is how I feel today. I feel like I am living in a movie of a man on a journey to achieve his dreams. I feel like dreaming today. I feel like imagining today. After all it is the only thing that they can’t take away from you.

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