Rebirth Of Hip Hop

HIP HOP IS DEAD. Or at least that how it seemed to look like in the mainstream media. Dont get me wrong there is still Rap but the content of their raps are the exact opposite of what the entire ether of Hip Hop used to be.

What is Hip Hop?

Hip Hop is a Sound Symbolisms of Rhythmatic Verbal Engineering of Word Manifestations.

It is the Poetry of the New Era. It is a harmonically corruption and alteration of words that is filled with the desire to transcend the isolated experience of One’s life journey and communicate the abstract and intangible emotions in short compilations of verses. Hip Hop or Rap, like Poetry is a Literary Art that uses the aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of Language and carries a deeper meaning in its verbalisation. Rap is the ultimate form of Phonaesthetics in our modern age.

Hip Hop first emerges into the culture of Humanity in the 1970s when the Black (African American) and Latino Youth in the East Coast of the United State of America was finding a new form of Musical Style to express their displeased with the Life in the concrete jungle of Bronx and Harlem, New York City. This genre of music is of course influenced by many other musical genres such as the Jamaican Reggae and Rock Steady that seems to become an anthem to the struggle of Black Resistance underneath the oppression of Western Society. Hip Hop was a method of letting out all the bottled up emotions and showcasing the true of the lifestyle and hardship of the poor folks in the Ghettos. Many other subcultures of Arts surface with Hip Hop such as the Street Art and Graffiti, DJ-ing, MC-ing, Beatboxing and of course Break Dancing. Hip Hop first got noticed by the mainstream Medias during the 80s with such tribes or gang, N.W.A, RUN DMC, Public Enemy and many more.

And of course the 90s, gave us the great Tupac Shakur, Wu Tang Clan, Notorious B.I.G, Public Enemy, The Pharcyde, Snoop Dogg (before he evolve to a Lion), Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest and the list goes on and on and on…. It is considered by many as the Golden Age of Hip Hop. (Mid 80s-Early 90s).

So what happened????

Hip Hop has always been accompanied by controversial issues for its usage of vulgar words and depictions of violence. At first the public and the mainstream medias are opposed to the Hip Hop culture but as soon as they realized that there is no way of stopping an amazing beat, they decided to adopt it into their system with selective tracks. Of course we cant blame the medias for finding those censorship and bias air times but it seems to have slowly deteriorates the quality of the Hip Hop contents. During the 90s, many of the greats Hip Hop artistes were being shot and killed in the streets and the battles between the West Side and the East Side dividing the culture has made it easier for the Death of Real Hip Hop and the manipulations of mainstream media into commercializing this culture. Those artistes which survive the wars and the cold cases of the 90s can be seen either working with big companies into making big money to get out of their hardship life or defending the true spirit of Hip Hop and being pushed back to the underground. As we enter the 2000s, the culture of Hip Hop is so diversified and dissected that is seems to have loss the street credits. It is wasnt all that bad, the R&B genre have seemed to be adding some Soul into Hip Hop and allowing it to adapt. But by the 2010s, R&B too was on its way out as the culture of Electronic Music and Dubstep took center stage. As usual Hip Hop and Rap tries to adapt to the new genres but many would agreed that it isn’t working out that well. It didnt exactly died but it has lost its roots and forgotten the ghetto it came from. From the Rebellious Spirit of the Streets, to Lost of Love R&B, to Gold Chains and Grills, to incoherent raps of auto-tuned cyborgs.

But of course there is always hope…Mos Def (now known as Yasiin Bey) is a great example of such…

Mainstream Hip Hop has become too glamorous and too high class to the point it doesn’t represent the streets no more. Maybe it is time we stop taking the Streets to the Stage and bring the Stage to the Streets. Maybe its time for the rebirth of Drum and Bass Hip Hop. Maybe it is time for some Real Ghetto Music. You feel me?

It is time for the new generation of Rap.. It is time for the Reboot, the Rebirth of HIP HOP!!

There is too many new young Hip Hop artistes, you can find them either on the Cypher Effects or the Organized Threat channel on Youtube but since this is about the rebirth, I thought perhaps we focus on a few artistes mostly female Hip Hop because who doesn’t love a chick that can rap? Who is better to give birth to the new Hip Hop than those young mothers of the concrete jungle? Now I know these artistes are mostly from the West Coast but since the birth of Hip Hop is from the East Coast, then it seemed almost perfect that the rebirth would be from the opposite side…That doesnt mean there isnt a movement going on in the East just I am more familiar with the West…


The 23-year-old L.A.-based rapper GAVLYN has been rapping since 2006.

She`s a member of the Movement Organized Threat and Broken Complex which supports artists on an international scale and aims to give Hip Hop music a fresh, poetic and timeless touch.

GAVLYN`s music is inspired by Old School, 70s Funk and 60’s music. Yet, despite her devotion to Hip Hop, it`s not her only source of music. She`s also fond of Rock, Drum & Bass ,House Music and Jungle Music.
Cit: “It`s important for the music to be open-minded and not to limit oneself “.. GAVLYN is one-of-a-kind. Even if her Beats sound like fresh from the 90s, her new album is interspersed with modern accents.

Her unique voice, her authentic and direct air, her diverse Flows and her exquisite Beats make her a real treat and a much wanted artist in the Rap crowd. Her album From the Art was released in October 2012 by L.A. label Broken Complex and since then has been on the road to success. The song What I Do has been played 3.7 million times on YouTube so far.After having performed exclusively in L.A. things took a dramatic turn when, at the start of 2013, GAVLYN set out to conquer Europe. By now a whole lot of fans all over Europe have rejoiced in her shows!Her third album, Modest Confidence she’s taking a different approach in baby steps with a whole new flow and not so much boom bap only a little 😉 peppered with contributions by producers from all over the world, will be released by the end of 2013. Her refined rhymes give a hint at her personal development and show a new face of the young artist.



MY OPINION : She is the ultimate embodiment of feminism power with a proper lady-like manner and yet ghetto it all out with her wordplay. Her physical beauty is an amplification of her persona. Her ether is pure and lovely.


 I LA LA LOVE HIP HOP :DKlassy is a 18 years old (2014) Filipino girl raised in the Los Angeles, California who has a great passion for Hip Hop and it seems to be working for her and for the Culture.

MY OPINION : She has the happy go-lucky persona which goes perfectly with the up beats. Her curves are as smooth as her words and yes she was underage but not anymore. Hahaha…  Nevertheless she can pull off a darker sound..



There isnt much information on Bleezie biography, like seriously this is her Facebook info

All I know about her is that she is Hispanic and she seems to rolling with the HideandSeekZoo crew… And of course she is very beautiful with quite a rude mouth…

She is also found chilling with The Cypher Effect circle…

MY OPINION : She a Rebel Scum and I love it. A persona of fuck you and who the fuck cares about what people thinks. She aint afraid to be herself even though it may seems slutty or unladylike, it is her true voice in her dark words. And of course her beauty makes my mind dreaming of a Latino night with some herbal healing.


Now, I’m certain there is more amazing rapper and Hip Hop artistes from the West Side and certainly there is a lot more from the East Side of USA. But I cant list them all down. Hope these girls are enough for now to remind you that Hip Hop is still alive and well. If you’re not convinced perhaps the man of the underground movement, The Organized Threat, will seal the deal.



After the third century a new breed of being began evolving its way into the gene pool, demons. Cursed not only with the shell of those that came before them, but also with the inability to walk under the sunlight for long periods of time. There was one amongst many who appeared unaffected by physical pains of the flesh dwelling amongst the wolves. His name was Poetic Death, his mission was misery.



Gavlyn and Poetic Death

MY OPINION : His wordplay is genius to mix the street smart and intellectual phrases. His persona is so perfect, maybe because I can relate to it the most. And the fact that he and Gavlyn are like brother and sister makes it all the more irresistible to love him.




Another Favourite of Mine which I found after writing this last year is of course the most beautiful sexyYARAH BRAVO. I’m in love.

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