God Was A Story Teller

In the beginning there was nothing. An empty blank moment of non existence.

An obnoxiously notion to wrap your head around the idea of a singularity of infinite mass and density. If I was to describe such situation by imagining an empty white room of blank nothingness which many media would preferably incline to do, it would still be a minimal portrayal of the event for our limited imagination isn’t capable to comprehend such immensity of knowledge. Yet again, I cannot be certain on that information as well. It is safe to say that nothing in this universe or anything in existence can be simply explain by mere words or mathematical equations. Ludwig Wittgenstein would conclude that no such truth is outside the mathematical laws and equations which is to say that the very essence of nature is mathematics. Derived from the fact that all conceivable reality are organized by following a model, a scheme or a logical series of grouped elements that can be succeed one another abiding by a particular rules. In this logical series, even the most absurd answer can be deemed acceptable with an infinitely more complex justification which is to state that it is always possible to find a rule of a justification which allows a series to be continued by any number depending on how complicated the rules are. This view of everything consist of a numerical basis in its structure would suggest that there is a hidden meaning beneath reality. Therefore, if we manage to discover the secret meaning of numbers, we will know the secret meaning of reality.

In contradiction to this fact is that numbers are not pre-existing in reality. The very idea of numbers is nothing more than symbols of reality and not reality itself. This is due to the fact that mankind or any other intelligent being in the universe is incapable of reconciling mind and matter, and tends to confer some sort of entity on ideas because he cannot bear the notion that the purely abstract only exist in our brain. We have the desire to attach life with a sense of purpose to give our miniscule existence a meaning for survival. The desire to have everything to be governed by logic and not by mere chance is not surprising in human civilization where ranking and status are highly respected. Human beings need the sense of purpose in their life to give a meaning to every little thing they do thus the mathematical scheme would be a perfect safe haven for even the most intermittent minded thinkers. Unfortunately, this is nothing to do with the truth or reality. It is only fear of it. Let’s take example the logical series on which the basis of certain axioms and by using valid reasoning, we could reach a valid conclusion. This logical series can be widely accept as reality as the basic foundation of reality and truth but nevertheless there are mathematical formulations that can neither be proved nor refuted starting from axioms. It is the Indeterminable Proposition. The uncertainty principle of Heisenberg concludes that by a mere observation of an experiment changes the very state of the subject’s atomically structure. By this we are stuck in a paradoxical truth of reality and the only absolute truth, the only fixed statement that can be fully trusted in is that, everything is Fake.

Everything is Fake. Everything is a lie. A lie is nothing more than perspective of the truth. Therefore your idea of the universe is as real as anyone else point of view on the same subject. Hence we can conclude that reality, lies and dreams are entwined as a single body. A dream is as real as anything else. A story is as true as any document research. Words though just an abstract idea in our mind it is the very foundation of reality itself. Words are inert but the effect cannot be dismissed. For a single word can change the very platform of reality of an individual. Language is the greatest invention of any organisms in the wide universe. Word and Language is the most deadly weapon. Story is reality. And for a time there are no words, thus no stories, thus no reality. Not surprising that the bible would state that with the words of God the universe is created. Unfortunately, God didn’t create the universe but merely name them and creating the very first words of life and subsequently creating the first platform of reality. God was nothing more than a story teller.

Alex Grey


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