A Contemplation on the Racism of Malaysia

I do not posses a certified acknowledgement from any higher education institutions on my understandings of politics, sociology or history, neither do I have any status in the society concerned with material wealth and titles of nobility. I am just a normal average working class citizen who is concern with the future of my beloved country, Malaysia. I believe I am in the rights to speak a few issues which we faced today as a nation.

It is of course very annoying to hear the topic of Racism Issues that seems to be everywhere in Malaysia for the local public doesn’t act as racist as how it being depicted in the media, of course there is racism but why? Do Malays, Chinese and Indians are biologically coded to hate each other?

One must reassess and re-discover the world without any presumptions or dogmatic views to truly understand the current condition of our nation’s dilemma. I believe we Malaysians are sinful to have easily forgot our past and the history of our lands and it is perhaps the main reason why we are in current state of our society and why we are having such a hard time perceiving the true identity of our nation.

Let take a trip on a time machine and return to the real History of our great Land without any editing from any ideology. Let go back way before the Golden Age of Melaka; let’s go back to the Srivijaya Kingdom.

The time machine has stopped at 7th Century, back then there was no such thing as Malaysia yet, it was bunch of different kingdoms in South East Asia. It looks more like a Tolkien’s Fantasy world, in the north of we have the Angkor Kingdom (modern-day: Thailand & Cambodia) and Funan Kingdom (modern-day: Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia), while in the east we have the Majapahit Kingdom (modern-day: Jawa & Kalimantan Indonesia, Sabah & Sarawak) and the Srivijaya Kingdom (modern-day: Sumatera Indonesia & Malaysia). In case you were wondering, the Europeans were having some troubles with lighting, that why they called it the Dark Ages in their History book just because they did nothing for hundreds of years except dying due to the Black Plagues and hunting down virgin girls claiming they were witches just because these women had independent thoughts and was outspoken to reject the marriage proposals of fat paedophiles. So they summarize that whole time period as some boring time in history when in truth all around the world there is amazing stories to be told of rise and falls of great kings and kingdoms from the Incas and Aztecs of the South Americans, the free tribes of North America plains, an unknown numbers of African kingdoms and tribes, the aborigines colonies of Australasia Pacific Islands, the Ever-changing Regime of Chinese Dynasty, the mysterious Indus Civilization, the Golden Age of Islamic Empires and of course our magical kingdoms of South East Asia. This so-called ‘Dark Ages’ of History is actually the greatest Golden Age of Everyone else on the Globe excluding the Europeans.

*I might have not mentioned the Mongols for they are an exception to the pattern of civilizations cycle. Each civilization seemed to follow a pattern from emergence and decaying of their regimes but the Mongols were such bad-asses, their history completely ignores all the rules and thus they can’t be considered as a part of our human history. It would be a disgrace for them. I also fail to mention anything about Russian history because it was just a spinoff show from the Genghis Khan’s Adventure. They have their own great kingdoms with Bad-Ass battles in which I know nothing about and would love to see a movie about it.

So why is it in our present day, we have completely ignore about these time in our history and yet glorify the greatness of the Europeans during their Renaissance Era? These were the best times of our civilizations but we know very little about them? Why have we allowed their ideology of this time period to have influence in our recalling these memories of our people? Why did we allow the sin of misattributions of facts, suggestibility of their ideology and biasness of our current situation to have corrupted our era of this history?

Back in the Malay Peninsula, the locals have traded with the Chinese Merchants and Indian Traders for as long as the rise and fall of the kingdoms, the evidence for can be seen with exchanges of ideologies and knowledge with many of our constitution laws borrowed from both ancient civilizations. This Tanah Melayu used to adopt the Hindu-Buddhism religion before the Arab Explorers brought in the Abrahamic Religions in the ports of early day Melaka in the 14th century. With the influence of Islamic Kingdoms from Middle East, the rise of Melaka Kingdom was relatively easy especially being a geographically advantages port point of the Straits, which gain the favour from both the Chinese Dynasty and the Indian Traders. Without their helps, the Golden Age of Melaka would have not been possible for it was exactly a kingdom rich with resources. So basically, Malay, Chinese, Indians have lived in peace and harmony since the very first contact between our races.

There was no reason for us to hate one another for we all had the same religious ideas and even when the Malays accepted Islam, there was still a great respect for each other religions with very little problems occurring. We welcome each other to our lands because we benefit a lot more in helping one another. I mean how can we hate the Chinese? They brought us the artistic craftsmanship of porcelain to make beautiful teapots and the knowledge of Herbal soother as healing traditions (olden day medicine). I don’t know about you but I love the Chinese for introducing us to Tea Drinking habits and I can’t imagine living in a Universe without a good cup of Tea. After reading that Arthur Dent had use up the entire computer system in the Heart of Gold spaceship, an advance space fairing technology that has the capability of bending the probability of the quantum structure of the universe, just to make a single cup of good Tea in a galaxy far away, I will always savour each sip of my Tea and will randomly kiss a Chinese person for introducing me to this heavenly drink. I know the culture of Tea Drinking has been hijacked by the British but we Asians love these fucking teas long before the bloody Queen had even taste a single sip of the good juice. Malays, Indians and Chinese are the true pioneers of the Tea Drinking Culture that spread to the Middle East and eventually stole by the British. Just as how the Italians and Spaniards stole the Coffee Drinking culture from Middle East and North Africa, or how the Dutch stole the Cocoa Culture from the South Americas.

But we had it easy in comparison to what these tyrannous self righteous colonizers did to those from South Africa. They stole our food and culture but they stole the freedom of our dark skin brothers as they forced them into slavery.

Meanwhile in the ports of Melaka, the Indian traders are bringing in various methods on using spices into the culinary field which added amazing colours into our life. Our local foods would be as stale as those European’s so called ‘Cuisine’ if it wasn’t for these spices. Our modern Food Culture owes so much to the days of free traders. Everyone loves the ideas of adding these spices into our cooking that the Indian’s has perfected. The modern day western’s cuisine is all just variations of these old traditions that once again they stole it from us Asians. The Colonizers and Conquistadors justify their actions just because they wanted to make their lousy food taste better, but yet our food is always richer and much more delicious. We just need to ease off on the oil in our cooking.

Food and Beverages. That was the main reason for their colonization. Forget glory of adventure, forget honour of the kings and queens, forget preaching of religions, a man cares more about his stomach that these ideologies. These Europeans knew that their culture on food and drinks are not as amazing as we Asians, and since we didn’t do home delivery services yet back then, they decided to just barge in the kitchen drunk from their ales and start bossing around the staff around thinking they are have a superior rule over us. We must not forget that even though that the Portuguese, British and Dutch were cunning in their tactics on tearing apart and dividing the kingdoms to colonize the lands for their own greedy benefits, it was our own hands that truly allow the chains of persecutions.

It was truly the greed of our own kings and trusted authority figures that has sold our freedom to these slave drivers. Their craving for silver and gold has made everyone the victims. Yet we see this very action happening in to this day.

Why is it that in our modern time of this country, we have complaints of unfair treatments of the Chinese minorities? Yes they are very scary when it comes to business for they are utilizing their merchant heritage to capitalize the trading as they once done so marvellously before the restriction and taxation of the British but must we really see this as a negative action? Yes they are Business Men with a Vengeance but if we have accepted them as one of our own and make sure they feel that this land belongs to them as much as it belongs to us, then it is safe to say that they will not want to hurt their own country and wont just sell away the natural resources of this great nation. They are not that greedy or stupid to sell off their own homes. These Chinese have more in common with the locals than they have in with those from Mainland China. So don’t be scared of their enthusiastic nature of commerce, after all they are the same merchants that we once welcome to our ports to dress our women in silk cloth.

And why do we still have this prejudice against our Indian Brethren and see them like slaves that should have return back home when the British left instead of making a drunken riot in our streets? Yes, the Indians in Malaysia have an infamous reputation for being an alcohol enthusiasts even though the Indians in India are not fond of such habits, but they have every reason to drink. The locals have treated these Indians as below them allowing only lower rank opportunities, yes there are plenty who are more successful now in the modern age but majority of them is still stuck in the lower class of the society. And when you’re brought up in such a state of poverty, criminal acts are deemed acceptable to any human beings regardless of the race.

Without a doubt, what the British did to us was cruel. They have segregated us apart and created this tension of racial supremacy among each other with its systems of hierarchy with the White Men on the top of the pyramid with their pompous status of authority. But the British Colonizers have left us in 1957 but why is it that we are still acting like a school boy afraid of getting caught by the teacher for doodling in class? Why are we still acting like the Queen will suddenly ride with a fleet of British ships and kick down our door to take back our independence if we make an action not in their interests.

I know that we cannot put the blame on the white men for our current predicaments anymore, we as a country have been independent for over 57 years, more than enough time to grow up and out of such state of mind of an oppressed people. The problem is though, that many of those in power now have been brought up through such time of our history and still hold dear to such ideology and social beliefs while many of the newer generations are being brainwashed by these so-called educators. If we really want to break free from the prison of the minds, we must first forget the social construct of the segregation that separates us and remind ourselves of our true history where the Chinese, Indians and Malays are viewed as equals and greater than those who has to resort to trickery and hatred to feed their greeds. We must understand that it wasnt the White Men who was the evil ones but our own people of our own race that made us the slave to them.

The Sultans and their politicians that we thought would have protected us from harm, sold us and our land’s natural resources for some lousy material wealth that looks shiny but have no real values. We, Malays were betrayed by our Leaders. The Indians too was betrayed by their Leaders in India when they were forced to be slaves in our lands, they didnt asked to be whipped and shipped to a foreign land, working their butts off just to survive. The Chinese ran away from the oppressive corrupted Dynasty for a new hope here in our land but they too were deceived by crooked men who allowed their own brother and sisters to be used by the Colonizers like machines for their profit productions. The true evil that made us hated ourselves and each other was greed. The evil that divided us and corrupted us was the lust for gold and wealth, or as Tolkien calls it, The Dragon Sickness.

So lets look at our current state of the nation, why does Racism persist? Is it really because we think we’re better than the other race? No, we are proud of our race but we know that they too possess a great history that is similar to ours and in fact shared the same fate. So why is it that some race try to claim a greater privileges than others? Is it because we think we suffer more than them? No. Is it because we think that we came from this land and they dont? Perhaps that is what many would use for their cause but these Chinese and Indians have been here as long as we had a proper human civilization, some more than others. And beside, there is many factions ethnicities of Malays from the Bugis to the Pattani, all came from many different sections of the South East Asia Kingdoms with plenty of influences from both the Chinese and Indians for our migrations. If we want to really find the real ownership of this land, then it safe to say that it belongs to the Orang Asli. They are the only ones who could really have a special privileges for the rest of us, Malay we must recall back our ancestors to see where they really come from, if its outside Malaysia then you should not have any special treatments. And if such task of tracing back your heritage is too much of the trouble for any official government, then you either forget giving anyone special rights (except the Orang Asli) or you give everyone the same special rights.

What other reasons that allows racism to continue to flourish in our society? The idea of having such a special religious belief that somehow made us right and they are wrong? Now I dont want to comment to much on such topic but I insist that you look back at your own religion history especially for the Malay Muslims, when prophet Muhammad created his new city of Medina, did he asked all the non believers to get out of the city? No, he accepted them as part of the society and treated them as equal. I understand that he gave the Muslims a bit of special rights compared to the non-believers but that is only because back then, the majority of the Muslims were freed slaves or lower class people who had travelled in the deserts for months. They gave them special rights because they needed the help, do you feel like your state of living is so terrible that you need that special rights? Yes there are those who still lives in a lower class and needs helps but this is true for not just the Malay or Muslims but for every races and religion in this country. We should give the special privileges to those on the lower class and not because you were born in some race or brought up in some religion in which you as a child had no control of.

The main reasons why we still see such fight for a special treatments of Malays or Muslims in this lands which causes the jealously of the Chinese and Indians, is because we are pampered with such luxurious status that we are scared to lose them. We know that the Chinese are amazing in economical success and the Indians are hard workers in any fields, and we are afraid that if we lose our special rights that we would lose to them in a fair fight in the monetary battlefield. At the same time we are afraid that they might just sell away this land since we belief that they dont feel like this is their homeland but we forgot that they feel such away about this land is only because we made them feel unwelcome. And why we made them unwelcome because we were taught that they would just sell of the lands. I think the idea of we, Malays having special rights does not make us stronger but only weaker. At the same time having such special rights is also due to our greed to cash in on the hardworks of these Chinese and Indians.

If the Chinese and Indians are treated as equals to the Malays in our lands, do you really think they would just destroy our resources and run back to their own Motherland? Why would they? They would feel more at home here in Malaysia then they would back in India or China where it is overpopulated and the living condition is far more troublesome than here. Yes they might find it easier to communicate with the locals for they speak the same languages but the Chinese and Indians are much more adapt to our Malaysian lifestyle than they are to those in India or China. We have influence them as much as they have influenced us. Beside if they really did all go back to their Motherland, Malaysia would be a boring place to be in. The diversity of our languages and cultures is so much more beautiful with all of us contributing our parts into this melting pots of ideas. We cannot undo the mixture of the soup, we can only build on from here to make it more delicious than ever before.

So why is there still Racial Tension? Mainly due to the fact that we were so brainwashed with hatred and programmed to distrust one another and also the fact that we do not treasure the true history of our people. The fact that the History books doesnt really emphasized on the great time of our kingdoms where we all lived in harmony. The fact that the Chinese Dynasty and Indian Monarchy wasnt seemed as important as the Melaka Kingdom. The fact that we think to highly of the Colonizers evil plans that we forgot it was the greed of our own people that fated us to the chains of oppressions which in turn separated us from one another. The fact that after all the struggle of the normal and humble men who fought for our freedom while the Sultans sits back in their golden palace, we still think that those in authority actually cared about us. The fact that we forgot if it wasnt for political reasons or for economical profits, we the Malays, Chinese and Indians are completely fine with one another and actually enjoy each others cultures. We forgot that the only reason racism happens is that there is an evil hand at play that corrupted that individuals due to their own personal agenda for the greed of either power or wealth. Racism is just a diversion from the true struggle that we as a nation faced, the true tension is between the classes. The only prejudice that we should direct our attention to is those on the High Class Society that controls the market and the politics. For they are the ones who allowed such racism to continue to thrive among the lower and middle class citizens for it is a form of control. The same form of control that the colonizers used, making it harder for us to cooperate with each other to overthrow them, ensuring their position in power.

If you look carefully at the different classes of our nation, the most racial tension is at the lower class while the middle class have a mild racial problems and the high class have almost non-existence racism. This is mainly due to the fact that richer kids have a better education and the fact that you would be a lot more prone to anger and negative thinking when you have a empty stomach. The gap between the rich and the poor creates envy in their hearts and so often they see the other races more successful than them and thus creating such racial envy. They forgot that there is both rich and poor Malay, Chinese and Indians. So the true heart of Racism is actually Class Struggle. Furthermore, the problem with the High Class society is that they see the racial discrimination going on around them and they know why its happening but I see very little action is being done to stop them. Educating the public is not the best option to stop racial issues but rather to reshape and restructure the very foundation of the monetary system and the economy which allowed one set of class to hold greater wealth than the others but the High Class Society will never do such an action for they will lose the most in such transition.

That’s what they are, Vampires of Business Men with Dragon Sickness singing their Siren’s songs of Illusions and creating Zombie Workers out of their victims who doesn’t suspect of their condition and bickers among each other trying to convince themselves that the others must be the Wendigos, all the while being controlled by

Werewolves of Politicians.

So how do we get rid of the struggle between classes and rebuild an economy and political system that benefits everyone from every races in every religious beliefs on every levels of the classes? If I ever achieve to come up with a plan for that, I’ll let you know for even Karl Marx had troubles with such ideas and many more great thinkers are still struggling to come up with a proper reconfiguration of the social structure and who am I compared to them? I’m just a humble young adults without a diploma trying to just keep a job longer than a few months and help out with the bills. All that I can do is say “Fuck You” to the struggle of classes and racial stupidity and do onto others as I want them to do onto myself as Jesus taught. Live the middle way as Buddha preached. Respect Mother Nature and the Universe as written in the Veda Scriptures. And most importantly always Read, as commanded by the archangel Gabriel onto prophet Muhammad on their first encounter.

UPDATE 30/5/2014 :

Yes some of you would love to find the enemy for most of our problems in a shape of a villain. Whether you see it as The White Man or the High Class Society, or the Royalties, or the Jews or a shadow organization known as The Illuminati which is quite famous and completely oppose the idea of a secret society (they exist, I’m applying my intern there) or anything else that you find it hard to identity or has been told since youth that such cast of the human society is pure evil, remember this.

The teenagers, the young adults, the new generation of youth all across the world are all facing the same problem. The cost of living is killing us. No matter where you’re born, in what religion your family holds dear to, or which race of the human species that your DNA has coded you in, or which class of  the social ladder you are in, we are all facing the problem that is without our parents help, we will die young with the prices of ordinary survival needs getting more expensive. We’re constantly broke at some point of our live and we often wonder why such impulse to buy material possession brings temporary happiness that we will often regret afterward is one of the toughest habits to breakaway from. And many of us always find the enemy who has forced this nightmare unto you, a secret group of societies with names such as Illuminatis or Freemasons or some other form of order.

We believe that this people with their own ideologies and a whole lot of connections in the economical system are trying to achieve its goal of world domination through psychological warfare of the mass media and using its connection to the pharmaceutical industry and genetic modifications of our agriculture to biologically engineer the human species into being the perfect consumer. At the same time we believe that their hands around our education system gave them the power to select and approve ideas and thoughts to influences the state of consciousness to become numb and content to ensuring that the public will never actually blame the system but rather themselves is the source of all misery. Whether this is conspiracy of evil mastermind is behind all of our social distress is not for me to say, but if its true then their true power comes from you. You and I are carrying a deep dark hungry wolf inside of us that has an appetite that match the power of the black holes of the cosmos. Greed.

Control this Greedy hole of our souls are we restrict their power. These high class greedy bald men of our bosses whether or not they are in club where they read magical books and wearing robes in an ancient basements of somebody’s mother’s mansion (and they say playing dungeon and dragons, cosplay and fan clubs are immature??), this money geeks main source of power comes from wealth. The Mana for their skills are money that we give to them every time we buy one of their products. They use Stun and Hypnotize on us to give them our coins, so they can upgrade their Skills level. So if we learn to control our greed we are learning the block their stun and leaving them weaker.

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